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  1. Hello, So what are some of the difference between snom ONE SoHo vs hostedi.am? Can the SoHo be used instead of Vodia mini IP-PBX?
  2. Yeah got a free number from callcentric and routed it to a fax extension and it works perfect.
  3. Only have 1 number I thought I could use same number for calls and fax...
  4. The only way i have been able to get the fax to work is when i route calls directly to the Fax Line extension it sends me the pdf attachment to my email. Edit Trunk CallCentric Routing/Redirection Destination for incoming calls: Send all calls to specific account Default Account: 800: Fax Line Now i have tried using expressions and auto attendant to direct destinations but does not work. Also tried creating another instance of the callcentric trunk with it going directly to the fax extension but that did not work. Any suggestions?
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