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  1. Hi, I have two homeworkers using bt broadband and bt routers, everything was working fine, Yesterday both phones stopped sending or recieving calls. The phones are still regstered to the pbx. all other external phones work fine,, any one help....
  2. Hi I have 1 trunk, with 4 ddi numbers on it. We currently have 3 extensions. I want to make only one extesion ring when a specific ddi is called, and also i want that extension to dial out on that ddi. Eg.. DII = 01611112222 Extension = 800 When I call 01611112222 i want only extension 800 to ring. When i make a call from extension 800 i want it call out via 01611112222 I have read the wiki pages and still cant get my head round this.. Please any help would be great.. Thanks Gary
  3. Hi, I have a client who wants to keep their standard fax line in each of their offices, but then have broadband added to it. Has any one had any problems with this,, i.e getting interferance from the fax machine when sending or transmitting... thanks in advance collinsgaz
  4. Hi, Is their a way to change the pin number on a conference room, without actualy giving the customer access to the pbxnsip domain level web interface.. cheers. gaz
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