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  1. Hi, I have a Quescom 400 IP/GSM gateway with 12 sim ports.I send outbound calls from my softswitch to the Quescom but I want to give prefix to each sim port e.g. 32, 33, 34...etc so that each number I dial that has the prefix will go out via the prefixed port. E.g. 3308024486699 will be dialed out via sim port with 33 as prefix BUT the it will dial 08024486699 deleting off the prefix 33. How can I set this up in my Quescom. Please am not that very good technically so details will help. Thank you in anticipation
  2. Thank you for your reply. Could it be that the gateway is overloaded because the softswitch send another new call to any of the 32 channels that ends the last call becomes available again. As soon as a channel drops the last call within 1 second (same time) another call is placed by the softswitch on such channel(s). Can this result in overload to the gateway? I feel its should take at least 5 seconds from ending the last call before another can be placed on such free channel to enable the channel to be ready to take new call?
  3. Hi, Please can someone assist me here. When i send outgoing calls via my Quescom GW all is fine but when sending same outgoing calls via my GOIP 32 GW i get "503 Service Unavailable" causing almost all the calls to fail. What is the root cause of "503 Service Unavailable" in GOIP GSM Gateway? Meanwhile am using the GW in "Trunk Gateway Mode" with each channel Prefixed and Dial Plan setup to stripe the outgoing numbers Prefixes. This normally occurs when i have more than 100 numbers set to be called out. I will appreciate any suggestion. Thank you BILLY
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