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  1. Hello, I have other PBX in latest version with which I have the same problem. Can you be more specific on the NAT ? Thanks
  2. Hello, Here is my capture of a Call Drop https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/e5864850136cbf193aad04904ace6a2720161007141210/6d65dde01cd2f43113c058ec2e8af04a20161007141210/294637 Thanks
  3. Thanks for response. There are no active alg sip on the router (actually it is a firewall that does the routing), regarding NAT, what parameter I need to change. it'a only between two Vodia PBX, to a mobile phone or a landline, no problem
  4. Hello, During a call between PBX Vodia, the conversation always cut after 32s, the operator is OVH (France), I tested different configuration but nothing changes. From a softphone to a PBX VODIA everything is ok Thank you in advance Cordially
  5. Hello, I have this message on log when recording license: [5] 8:48:23.284 GENE: License: Activate license with code XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [4] 8:48:28.637 TLS: Certificate could not be verified [5] 8:48:28.637 TLS: Certificate for www.vodia.com could not be verified against [5] 8:48:28.804 GENE: License: Received response 500 I'm on 5.2.4 version vodia pbx Best Regards
  6. How to set a flag " visible in domain " , I not find the options
  7. Ok, I can therefore create a second admin but how I assigns rights
  8. so no solution except to give the admin access to a user?
  9. it is rather problematic, can bypass your system ?
  10. Ok, but if a contact is entered with a speed dial, speed dial that is available only to the user who has entered and not for all
  11. Hello, I want a user to edit the Global Address Book, I did not find any options to give users permission rights Best regards
  12. Indeed, we are not able to record personal annoncement, it worked departing, we check the rights, they are ok, the files are empty but create Regards
  13. Hello, the probleme is the same when i call the voice mail with *97, the message is empty the email fonction is OK, on missing call, a mail is send and receive Regards
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