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  1. Software-Version: 5.4.1 (Win64) It works intermittently now. Sometimes it will ring a mobile, others it won't. We have 4 lines on our trunk, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  2. The cellphone doesn't get a chance to ring either. It makes one ring on the call and completely drops out.
  3. Hello We are wanting to have our cell phones ring as well as our desk phones for if we are not in our office, however when we try to set this up, our incoming calls ring for a minute and then fail. Have I missed something in the configuration, or is this not how it's going to work for us? Cheers Jacob
  4. the hunt group won't allow the ACD to be in the final stage, or any of the stages for that matter.
  5. Hello Currently we have a SIP Trunk with 4 lines. We call a hunt group for 30 seconds and if no one answers it goes to an extension which acts as our voicemail. Is there a way to do the following: Call hunt group if no one answers, place call into a queue with hold music When someone is available they can pick up the call from a BLF key on the phone.
  6. I setup my phone over the LAN, and it provisioned everything without a problem, but now I can't login to the phones admin interface via the web. Does the PBX change the details?
  7. Hello I am playing around with a GXP2160, and I am wanting to get the button on the side of the phone to reflect a few things. I have setup the phone under "Buttons" in the Vodia PBX software, and every time I make a change the phone reboots, but nothing gets reflected on the phone itself. I've attached my buttons list as well. Is there something I have missed?
  8. Thanks for that. The only issue is that the audio looses a lot of quality. Is there a way to ensure a better audio quality?
  9. *Bump Has anyone had any luck with streaming audio through to the PBX at a decent quality? How can we increase the quality of an RTP stream?
  10. Thanks again for your reply. Using Windows 10. 64bit. Latest VLC.
  11. Thanks for the reply. We're using VLC to play the music, but even when VLC isn't open it is still screeching. We are having to use a program similar to VAC for creating a virtual loopback. Any recommendations?
  12. Hey I am nearly there with music on hold. I have managed to get the WAV Input working and listening to music, however every 5 - 10 seconds it cuts out with a weird electronic static noise or screeching sound, then theres a bit of noise, and then another screeching sound and then back to the music. It then repeats that process. This happens even when theres no audio playing. Running the latest version 5.3.2 (Win64) The Music on Hold input is: MusicOnHold Wave Input :l16b
  13. I've sorted it out - I had to enable the Call Waiting service on my extension specifically. Thanks for all your help
  14. Im going to assume that our phones aren't capable of that. We have the Grandstream GXP1200's. Fairly basic VoIP phones.
  15. Hey there Can someone please tell me the best way to do the following config for our phones: 1 - User calls in to our phone system 2 - The phone system automatically answers and welcomes them, and then places them on hold 3 - When being placed on hold, the hunt group is called 4 - We can answer the call. Cheers
  16. Thanks, Are there any guides on how to get them up successfully? Currently running into the issue where if I am the only one in the office and I have just taken a call, and then the next line rings I can't answer it from my phone. Cheers
  17. I was looking into CO-Lines. How can I get the CO-Lines to reflect the SIP-Trunk lines that we have? I have tried to set them up but with no luck. We are using Snom on a Mac Mini, version 5.1.1 (MacOS). Thanks
  18. Hello We have phones that can utilise 2 lines. Our SIP Trunk is capable of 4 lines. I was wondering, how can I get Line 1 to ring as our main line, and then Line 2 to ring as the second line on all of our phones. Example, is Line 1 is busy on another call, Line 2 will light up to be answered. Cheers Jacob
  19. Hey there Just recently setup SnomOne as the PBX for our phone system, and using 3rd party phones (Grandstream GXP1200's). Everything works fantastic except for one little issue... My extension, 100, is able to transfer calls, however the other extension, 200 is not. The call get lost in the system and cannot be retrieved. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Hello I am setting up my SnomOne software. I cna get a ringback when calling out but I cannot get a ringback when calling in. I can force a ringback but then it removes the ringback from outbound calls and then applies it to people calling in. Have I missed something here? Cheers Jacob
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