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  1. We have been caught out multiple times when there is a sudden change in the CDR file structure, where it breaks out data ingestion because there are new variables that need to be declared. Can Admins please ensure this information is made available in the Release Notes 'Please'.
  2. voltier


    Hi there - we are wanting to provide an interface on our own portal which will allow the end customer to add/delete/manage the Address Book. Will there be any plans to have Address Book via your API?
  3. Hi Support - any update on this? (Pick up group) I still cant see any documentation and would really like to test this
  4. Hi Devs/Admin, With the release of 57.0, can you point us in the right direction in terms of how to use some of these features. I found Pickup Group under buttons but it isnt exactly intuitive to figure out how to use. Same thing with the Call Back function within ACD. Possibly if you can provide a sample tied to a scenario, that would be great.
  5. Anybody know how long is it before the session key times out or expires?
  6. The construct for DMTF elements is horrible IMHO. Is it possible to have the array represented in the same way as extensionlegs or trunklegs?
  7. @Ahennis - Referring to the WebUI @Admin - does this mean you will be reverting the behavior to what it was previously and the Polycom use case will be managed seperately?
  8. Ok, turns out that the 'resync the selected accounts' function does the job for me. I was making changes to the custom config files and wanted to apply some changes and couldnt figure out how to do it.
  9. any way around this? Most of our customers are either on Snom or Yealink handsets. Touchless provisioning is somewhat useless if we cant reboot the device remotely.
  10. Since upgrading to version 57 (from 56), it appears the ability to reboot phones via the console no longer works.
  11. Anybody know what the maximum number of objects are in the new DTMF array? (v57)
  12. Thanks admin. Anything more specific? There aren't many options. Where do you get the playback.wav file and how do you use it?
  13. Hi, I was just looking at Vodia's site and it appears scheduled announcement is possible. That being said i cannot find how from the portal. Any idea how this can be done? e.g. We want to page that the store will be closing at 6pm etc. Is this something available from a specific firmware version onwards?
  14. Ahh sorry root. is just the way I'm declaring my variable. Please see example below: "_id" : ObjectId("58a37b44f15415a52070"), "domain" : "example.com", "callid" : "6090-11e5-1142017214721-bn01", "from" : "\"61421790068\" <sip:XXXXXX@example.com", "to" : "<sip:XXXXXXXXXX@example.com>", "wuc" : "", "start" : ISODate("2017-02-14T21:47:22.222Z"), "connect" : ISODate("2017-02-14T21:47:22.223Z"), "end" : ISODate("2017-02-14T21:48:53.619Z"),
  15. Looks like there is a new parameter called root.wuc. Im assuming this is Wake Up Call?
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