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  1. Hi, I am using Vodia 5.3.2 version. We've portal from Yealink RPS where we can redirect the Yealink MAC addresses to Vodia PBX. I add MAC address on Yealink Portal and redirect it to PBX IP like "http://216.205.xx.xxx" here "216.205.xx.xxx" is vodia PBX IP. I add MAC address on extension and open it for provisioning, reboot the phone and it get configuration. Before Yealink has MAC ID's in range 001565xxxxxx which was working perfect for provisioning. Now they have MAC ID's in range "805EC0xxxxxx" which is NOT working. If I add Server URL like "http://216.205.xx.xxx/prov/yealink-805EC0xxxxxx.cfg" then it works. Please advise.
  2. Hi Guys, I am using vodia 5.3.2 version. I've a query. Suppose I've direct line 1234567890 assigned to a hunt group and there are three extensions 200 201 and 202 are the part of hunt group to receive calls. I want if any body call to number 1234567890 the extensions should see call is coming from annonymous/blocked. Suppose I call from my cell phone to direct line but extenstions in hunt group see that call is coming from annonymous or blocked. I know we can set ''from-header'' to Group name and phones will shown group name on the screen. But when they will redial it call will go behind that number. So orignally my client want if any one call to that specific line no one should be able to know who is calling. Please advise.
  3. Ooh, that's works great. I didn't notice that. Also is there a way we can directly play a audio form Windows. Suppose I've an wav file on my computer and I was to play it as paging without dialing the paging extension? Does it make sense?
  4. How can I do it? How can I play audio file?
  5. Hi, I am using Vodia Version 5.3.2. I've Valcom 102A IP Speaker registered as extension 200. I am using it for paging. Is there a way we can play an audio file (mp3 or wav) via Valcom speaker? Currently I am using it for paging and it works perfect. Our client also want to play an audio file as well. Please advise.
  6. have you tested it on Vodia 5.3.2 in your environment?
  7. It seems there is a bug in version 5.3.2. I tested the same thing on version 5.2.5 and it works perfect. Can you please test in your lab and see how it goes. Thank You
  8. Hi, I am using Vodia 5.3.2. When I create a schedule conference and add number in Participant numbers: 6466535719. Now when I see the call logs it appears as +16466535719 (646-653-5719) but call is going out actually it only appears in the logs. Please advise.
  9. Hi, I am using Vodia 5.3.2. Under directory I see a folder "recs" with lot of xml's file. What will happen if I delete all xml files in specified folder? Thank You
  10. Yes, dy default it's only "cw" on dom_ext.htm page and I changed it to "cw_disable" so it's working perfect.
  11. This is not a easy way. I found a solution. On template "dom_ext.htm" set "cw_disable". So every created extension would be call waiting off.
  12. Hi, I am using Vodia with version 5.2.5. Currently if we create any extension call waiting is ON by default. Can we make it OFF. I want when we create a new extension by default it should be OFF. Please advise.
  13. [7] 12:32:36.996 WEBC: http: Return code 200 [8] 12:32:39.531 WEBS: HTTP connection 602658 [5] 12:32:39.532 TFTP: Loading file from UA Yealink SIP VP-T49G 00:15:65:A9:5A:CE from the tftp folder [8] 12:32:39.738 WEBS: HTTP connection 602658 [8] 12:32:39.738 WEBS: Connection closed on HTTP [6] 12:32:39.738 WEBS: Delete HTTP connection 602658 [8] 12:32:39.949 WEBS: HTTP connection 602659 [5] 12:32:39.949 TFTP: Loading file 001565a95ace.cfg from UA Yealink SIP VP-T49G 00:15:65:A9:5A:CE from the tftp folder [8] 12:32:40.152 WEBS: HTTP connection 602659 [8] 12:32:40.152 WEBS: Connection closed on HTTP [6] 12:32:40.152 WEBS: Delete HTTP connection 602659 [8] 12:32:40.364 WEBS: HTTP connection 602660 [5] 12:32:40.364 TFTP: Loading file y000000000051.cfg from UA Yealink SIP VP-T49G 00:15:65:A9:5A:CE from the tftp folder [8] 12:32:40.566 WEBS: HTTP connection 602660 [8] 12:32:40.566 WEBS: Connection closed on HTTP [6] 12:32:40.566 WEBS: Delete HTTP connection 602660 [9] 12:32:41.068 WEBC: http: Send request POST /cdrcollect.php HTTP/1.1 Host: Content-Length: 1950 SOAPAction: Trunk-CDR Content-Type: text/xml Accept-Language: en-us User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; PBX)
  14. I tested to delete the MAC ID and and reenter again on RPS but it's the same result on 5.2.5 version.
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