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  1. Hello, I'm testing the automatic recording but I can't get the configuration where the automatic recording and the audio play announcing "this call is being recorded" works only from external and to external number, not between extensions. Can someone help me here? Thank you very much. Regards, Alessandro Marzini
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes I can see the audio_it, anyway I made a new reinstallation, and now it works, not sure what was the problem I mean I'm pretty "expert" with vodia configuration, anyway, is it possible to have a list of audio files -> speech association? Also because, for example, for recording announcement, in some country we've to specify the law., etc... Best, Alessandro
  3. Hello, I'm testing the automatic recording addon and I noticed that, despite I set up the whole configuration with "it" (italian) language almost everywhere, when I set the option "play message before recording", I hear the message "this call is going to be recorded" in english and not in italian. Is it a bug or I forgot some flag/option somewhere? To temporary fix the problem, if it's a bug, what's the filename linked to that audio? Thank you. Alessandro Marzini
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