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  1. So while searching the forums for a fix I realized the software updates have decimal numbers which do not appear in the versioning of the releases. https://vodia.com/doc/releasenotes I updated to 58.4 and now the GUI works well. Is there any page that shows these decimal builds with their own release notes ?
  2. Unfortunatley we cannot upgrade to v.60 until we iron out the changes that appeared after upgrading to v.58. We lost our ringing customization for Yealink phones that were not provisioned with Vodia but we opened a separate ticket for that and we'll try to work it through. I looked in the conference directory XML file and the new conference I created in v.58 has encrypted pins while the v.56 conferenced had clear text. Any way I can turn off PIN encryption in the xml files ? Thanks
  3. We just upgraded from v.56 to v.58 and while all existing ad-hoc conference moderator and access passwords work, we cannot set passwords to new ad-hoc conferences. I can fill just the moderator code and save, joining conference doesn't prompt for password. Similarily if I fill the access code, the field turns into a red X and the save button gets greyed out, unless the moderator code and access code is the same. Even if i make it the same and save, it doesn't "take", i still get logged in right away. Pictures attached.
  4. madyan, we use Vodia and Yealinks. We had a major issue where the BLF resubscription period would reset the status. Meaning if there is a parked call while the BLF resubscription timer expires, it would reset the BLF light to no call waiting. Our workaround was setting the resubscription timer to 24hours with this Yealink parameter: account.1.blf.subscribe_period = 86400 If you have your BLF lights going on and off every 60 or 120 seconds, this is the cause. We do use an old version of Vodia, 4.5.0 so maybe it was fixed in a more recent release. I'd be curious to know your results.
  5. Ok... We are using Yealink phones and I think you only implemented PNP in 5.x.x. We run 4.5.x right now but we have just purchased 5x100 premium bundles, are awaiting the delivery for the 5.x.x license.
  6. Can we have more info on the underlying schema ? In my Vodia server, I have a domain called mydomain and extensions like 1295. The query is ldap://,cn=1295 or is there others underlying OUs in the background ? For authentication I need to specify a username password but the system admin account has no domain. If 1295 is admin, i use 1295@mydomain but which password? Pin,sip or web password ? I'm not using PNP to provision the phones.
  7. Hi I think I understand now that LDAP can be applied directly to the Vodia system. I always assumed it can only query Active Directory in a Windows environment and I don't want to have extra objects in my AD just for the phonebook. Do you have any documentation that shows how the directory structure is defined in Vodia ? For example CN, DN and ous? How are they linked with a multi domain environment in Vodia. Thanks
  8. Hi Is there a file where all the extensions for all domains are easily readable or a possibility to export only the extensions to an xml or excel file? I'm looking to program the export of the extensions from Vodia into a phonebook.xml file that Yealink phones can read. I can build the script around it, just need the extension database from the vodia pbx. Thanks
  9. Yes, I have a DID configured as an alias to that auto-attendant, so from outside.
  10. I tried putting * but it still allows other extensions to be called. I don't have a field Account that can be called. We are on version 4.
  11. Hi I have an auto attendant with 3 options. I want to prevent any other extension dialing while hearing the auto attendant options or after the voice has finished playing. They should only be able to press the options that are programmed (ext: 1,2,3). How can I do that ? Thanks
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