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  1. Windows app 3.5.5 PBX version 65.0.11 If i turn off notifications in windows it works fine but no screen pop so you don't have any indication that you have a call. If I just login through the PBX i get ring everything works but one way audio if i put on hold then pick back up 2way audio??
  2. 65.0.11 Windows 10 3.5.5 for the app I get the Windows notification but have to click right away then disappears
  3. Also I noticed it shows null next to icon on top left. See attached
  4. Just installed Windows app I get the windows notification and see the call in mycalls window then goes directly to VM not forwarded incresaed time before VM does not make a difference on the calling end I hear (1) ring maybe 1 and 1 1/2. Any ideas
  5. The Cyberdata do not have an HTTP link to access the camera
  6. Can you tell me what setting you turned on I have tried everything.
  7. This is Yealink's response The Vodia PBX is not sending Video to the T58A in the original INVITE. This is not a setting that can be changed on the phone. You will want to look to enable sending Video on the PBX side, or look into sending a direct SIP call to the Video phone, from the door phone (if possible). The reason the phone being placed on hold, then starts the video, is because the phone sends a new INVITE when it comes off of hold. The phone is telling the PBX it has the option to send and accept video, so then the connection is made for video between the two devices. You need the PBX side to send the initial INVITE SIP/SDP packet with the Video option included. There is no programmable button solution for this. Will something be built in the PBX to allow this in the future?
  8. How do I switch to a Video call? I'm not getting a button or anything
  9. I'm programing a Yealink T48A phone to work with a Cyberdata 011410 video door phone. The only way I get in VIdeo is if I put the phone on hold and pick it back up. The PBX is 65.0.7 The Yealink is58.84.0.24 the Cyberdata is on v.1.4.1 any help would be appreciated
  10. I found it is fixed in the latest release
  11. When scheduling in the user portal when scheduling the conference and we they are sent to the invitees
  12. Scheduled conferences is there a way to get it to display the time in a non-military format 1pm instead of 1300
  13. That connects fine it just when doing the Cell phone notification
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