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    Establishing round-robin within agent groups

    Is there any way to set up a group for longest idle. Ring agent A then if they do not answer after 15 seconds ring Agent B and stop Ringing Agent A. If B doesn't answer then look for the next agent with the most idle time. I konw from the comment above you said the system doesn't work that way it will continue to ring the first agent. All other call centers I have worked on ring the agent for the time allowed then stop roinging when it moves to the next agent. Is this something you are consider on adding in a future release? hunt group won't work for a customer that wan't to set up for longest idle.
  2. brocs4766

    Cell phone notification

    Is there a way to have the system to notify a system of a message in a mailbox then have a timer so if the message is not listened to then it notifies a second cell phone, or create a escalation list in till the message is listened to. If its not currently available it would be a nice feature to add in a future release.
  3. I changed that setting in the domain still getting the same results
  4. We are still having this same issue on version 5.4 if I call my DID press 1 to call out. The call goes out but the remote party receives my cell number with the companies calling name?