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  1. The Cyberdata do not have an HTTP link to access the camera
  2. Can you tell me what setting you turned on I have tried everything.
  3. This is Yealink's response The Vodia PBX is not sending Video to the T58A in the original INVITE. This is not a setting that can be changed on the phone. You will want to look to enable sending Video on the PBX side, or look into sending a direct SIP call to the Video phone, from the door phone (if possible). The reason the phone being placed on hold, then starts the video, is because the phone sends a new INVITE when it comes off of hold. The phone is telling the PBX it has the option to send and accept video, so then the connection is made for video between t
  4. How do I switch to a Video call? I'm not getting a button or anything
  5. I'm programing a Yealink T48A phone to work with a Cyberdata 011410 video door phone. The only way I get in VIdeo is if I put the phone on hold and pick it back up. The PBX is 65.0.7 The Yealink is58.84.0.24 the Cyberdata is on v.1.4.1 any help would be appreciated
  6. I found it is fixed in the latest release
  7. When scheduling in the user portal when scheduling the conference and we they are sent to the invitees
  8. Scheduled conferences is there a way to get it to display the time in a non-military format 1pm instead of 1300
  9. That connects fine it just when doing the Cell phone notification
  10. We have this setup on multiple PBX the system will only ring the cell phone one time then disconnects. Any idea what may be causing this?
  11. Is there any way to set up a group for longest idle. Ring agent A then if they do not answer after 15 seconds ring Agent B and stop Ringing Agent A. If B doesn't answer then look for the next agent with the most idle time. I konw from the comment above you said the system doesn't work that way it will continue to ring the first agent. All other call centers I have worked on ring the agent for the time allowed then stop roinging when it moves to the next agent. Is this something you are consider on adding in a future release? hunt group won't work for a customer that wan't to set up
  12. Is there a way to have the system to notify a system of a message in a mailbox then have a timer so if the message is not listened to then it notifies a second cell phone, or create a escalation list in till the message is listened to. If its not currently available it would be a nice feature to add in a future release.
  13. I changed that setting in the domain still getting the same results
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