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  1. Hello Guys, On Vodia's website I see the following statement: A close email integration of Vodia PBX forwards voicemails and fax messages, sends out notifications and daily reports on the system usage. Administrators get proactive reports about the activity of the system and if parameters should drift out of the green zone. I've been looking around for this reports and I don't find them, I'm using the latest version of Vodia's PBX. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello Guys, could you please help me sharing information regarding how to create/modify buttons and buttons profiles using SOAP? Thank you, Alfonso Lopez
  3. Hello Guys, Is there a logical way to keep track of a redirected call? We've performed testing here and when the cal is redirected it creates a new set of CDRs with a new primary Call ID not associated with the original CDRs group.
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    Queue Status

    Hello Guys, Is there a way to check a Queue status? We would like to be able to capture the following information: If there're calls on course. Logged Agents Agents who belong to a queue Agent information (Busy, available, DND) Is this information available to be shared from the PBX?
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