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  1. I see the SMS ANI on the agent group is just for when the agent sends out a SMS it will go out as that ANI. What would be cool, would be if that also works for inbound messages, meaning. Who ever is logged into the agent group for that day could receive the SMS's and or reply, and obviously some kind of sync so that any other agents can see the message stream?
  2. How's this PhoneBridge re-integration tacking ? keen for an update so I can let eager customers know how its tracking.
  3. Awesome ! will it require a PBX update or is it all ZoHo side with being published.
  4. No we normally have buttons setup with nice easy to remember names for login / log out functions or agents are just permanently logged into groups. So they have no need or want to remember a number code. Using the group name would be far more intuitive option for a user like how hunt groups and agent groups work when they dial up the phone. Maybe the settings controls for this could be embedded into the 'Outbound Calling' tab of the agent group setup. To allow for customisation of the call back name.
  5. Hi, I feel this to be strange behaviour and put forth for your consideration for tweaking the operation. When using the call back feature if the agent hangs up the call first and or does not let the menu play out to the 'press #' to check the rest of the list the system will keep calling back even if there is no more calls in the list. Can it not just assume the operation as being closed if no further calls are in the list no matter who hangs up? Also, at the moment when a call back operation happens the caller ID comes up as *55xx(xx = agent group number) and wont present any
  6. Just posting again to show this is super important and so it does not fall away into the abyss, any kind of ETA for this ? ZoHo have now added phone bridge into other Zoho products as well, Zoho One, Zoho Recruit and Zoho Mail along with CRM. It's a great selling feature to customers to be able to say the PBX can integrate and support the full Phone Bridge feature set.
  7. I would have thought agent group vs auto attendant to distribute would be good but the issue is it needs to be super simple for the end use, the request mainly comes from small business so it's not large call flow volume. The use case here is super simple, example being. Office is closed for x-mas party etc, admin staff want an easy way (Star Code) to re-direct all incoming calls to the Domain i.e user DID's + main business lines to a specified exit point that might only be known on the day/hrs before so manual input would work best. That way they don't have to rely on the staff fo
  8. Hi Team, Did a search but could not see any discussion. I don't see any doco on the "Call redirection" setting under domain settings yet. I am wanting to know if there is a hidden star code not yet published where the user can dial it to set the forward destination for the whole domain like with the *80+hunt/agentgroup option.
  9. I don't see Vodia in the Phone Bridge Providers list on ZOHO, I am guessing the way phone bridge works has changed since you built? What can we do to get it in the list ? I really need to get it going for a large client.
  10. I am trying to get this to work, it connects and I get the green tick on the user level login on the pbx. But nothing is logged in Zoho or any pop up's, thoughts?
  11. I understand what you are saying, but what I am saying is this has changed in operation from previous versions. Which is effecting how my customer agent groups are working. Can you confirm if it's changed ? like i said previously all additional agents would ring when this stage was hit and thats the function I need back.
  12. Sorry I thought my first post was clear, I all ways find it hard to convey stuff here to be as simple as I can the previous versions did the following and had done so for years. Agent group, 'After hearing ringback for (s)' ... include the following additional agents Previously this would ring all additional agents defined in this box at the same time so the call gets answered quickly. But now it's been linked to follow the agent selection settings, meaning it might only be doing 1 agent every 5 seconds or what ever your settings are set to instead of blasting t
  13. I know I have my other agent group topic; I am going to test that today at some point since going to the latest version, been super busy. Something that has 100% changed with the latest version, but changed somewhere from 57.3.2 was the logic of the setting After hearing ringback for (s) not sure if it was intentional? Example, • Customer may have any number of logged in agents at any one time • Customer has a number of extra agents as part of the, All agents for this ACD including the main agents, these extra agents typically never login. • Customers were using
  14. I will give it a test laster and let you know .
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