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  1. Scott1234

    Call Park issues with Yealink and multiple calls.

    I only have Yealink & Snom phones to test with. As I mentioned in the first post the Yealink works fine on older PBX versions older than 5.5.4 no matter what phone firmware is used. So some thing has changed park orbit wise on the pbx since. if BLF button type is used on the Yealink with DSS Keys set to blind transfer you can park calls, but this is not ideal as attended transfer is preferred method for DSS Key buttons. (Except for when using parks) hence why these buttons are set to Park Type. Maybe I am not explaining well but some thing has changed, I am just trying to under stand what it is and to me it seems PBX as the issue is gone when reverting to older versions.
  2. A customer alerted me to an issue with Yealinks today to do with call parks that was working in the past. I spooled up a vanilla 5.1.0 as I couldn’t exactly remember when it was working so I went to the lowest 5.x i could find and can confrim all is good in 5.1.0. Current Problem 5.5.4~ (not sure when it started, any phone firmware), Reception user is on a call Second call comes in, alert displayed on phone with tone on earpiece User presses park button to park first call, but it parks the second incoming call, but jams the phone and eventually shows a transfer error. You then cant park the original call as the phone is in a diffrent menu layout due to the failed park. In the past (tested on 5.1.0 as ok any phone firmware), Reception user is on a call Second call comes in, alert displayed on phone with tone on earpiece User presses park orbit button, current call placed into park Second call would ring up, parking them as they go to be dealt with if many calls etc. Notes, All test phones auto provisioned Standard PBX supplied configs except, Transfer Mode via Dsskey set @ Attended. T46G handset tested from firmware as low as to current Buttons managed by PBX, refer to further button notes Further Buttons Notes, In the past before ‘Park Orbit’ button type was supported we ran a tweaked config that set a few buttons up as ‘Park Type’ on the Yealink statically as Yealink treats them as blind transfer buttons that way, allowing the other DSSKey’s to be set to use the Attended transfer default. Since 'Park' was supported we have had the PBX manage all button types. The parks have worked since being supported it is only recently that this has started. I have also noticed when testing in 5.1.0 that when you press the Park orbit button with no call going the phone would connect to the orbit and show an active call has been made. In 5.5.4 it just shows that its attempting to connect and never does, I presume this is why the parking has stopped working as the yealink needs it to confirmation connection to hand off the call ? Thoughts? if you need more info let me know.
  3. Hey, I like where you are going in 5.5 user UI just wondering if there is any way for the hosted crew to customised the boot strap so colours can be tweaked and maybe the layout/table design tweaks a bit to match with corporate branding for the lucky people who know how to handle editing that stuff. I can't seem to find any css sheets listed in the root level template edit section that match what is being loaded in the html source?
  4. I thought as much, maybe I should start an holiday aggregation service
  5. Hey, I noticed the new service flag has an option List of holidays: I presume its the same operation as before, but can any kind of hosted list/feed provided by governments be incorporated? as dates change each year and manually updating is a pain Or maybe intercept the format they provide and then host some thing internally to populate the fields to match PBX requirements. Data feeds are normally provided in a machine readable feed, like csv.
  6. Scott1234

    WebRTC deskphone phone dial?

    Is there a way to hang up the call created by the remote_call request with out having to end it via the phone so I can code in a hang up button in the plugin for people who are using headsets. Or would i need to go down the REST integration path to get that kind of function ?
  7. Scott1234

    LDAP setting for extension setting "Position"

    I think so, there is 'department' or 'title'
  8. Scott1234

    Twilio SIP Trunk

    Cld007, As promised. TWILIO SETUP With in Twilio here is what I used to get going. Create Twilio Trunk, i.e friendly name "test-trunk" Set Termination URI, i.e "test-trunk.pstn.twilio.com" Set Authentication, IP Access Control, input IP of PBX. Set Origination URI, sip:domain.yourpbx.com (Domain of where you will be adding the trunk on the Vodia PBX) Add voice number, configure with 'SIP Trunking' ensure its set to route to to the sip trunk friendly name PBX SETUP With in Vodia PBX under domain.yourpbx.com, here is the trunk setup screens shot, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/721515/twilio-1.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/721515/twilio-2.png *Note - based on what Localized URIs you end up using you will need to make sure the Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic: setting has these reflected, or you could leave it blank but I would advise not to for security purposes, maybe for initial testing you can and then once you are happy its working lock it down. Use this url to locate the media IP's https://www.twilio.com/docs/api/sip-trunking/getting-started#whitelist I had to input them IP by IP with a space I don't think the PBX would let me to do xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/26 for example. When I tried that I could not get calls in. You will need to just spend a few minutes and find out all the IP in the subnet they list for media gateways and put them in. EXTENSION SETUP Twilio will send the full E164 number including + symbol in the request URI make sure you have the number against the extension or hunt group, what ever it is you are using. Example https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/721515/extension.png DIAL PLAN SETUP Just make sure make your dial plans re-write the numbers to full E164 format including the + symbol or Twilio will not process them. Let me know if you get stuck
  9. Is there a LDAP string to list the 'Position' of the extension ?
  10. Scott1234

    WebRTC deskphone phone dial?

    not to worry, I found the string by looking though source code for vodia chrome plugin.
  11. Scott1234

    WebRTC deskphone phone dial?

    Is there some settings string I can use to remote trigger the desk phone to place the call instead of with in browser. Like how when logged into the user web interface you can do the same. I am presuming ti be part of this, I just don't see any more advanced doco any where showing more options. http://PBX_IP_OR_DOMAIN/makecall.htm?destnumber=1234567890&user=YOURUSERNAME&pass=MD5HASH I am working on my own outlook plugin that can read the message body of e-mails and tel: hyperlinks and route them via webRTC (hopefully) and trigger the desk phone to dial the number. I have been using the TAPI function for contact list but I want more integration. Thanks
  12. Scott1234

    Transfer tone while on call?

    Yeah you have the jist, could some thing be done on the re-invite part? The main thing I think is just old people set in their ways. But they all tell me when I come in a day or so after doing a deployment to do some training that some kind of 'tone' at that point would be nice. Some say their old physical PABX's they had did it, some don't, about 50/50.
  13. Scott1234

    Transfer tone while on call?

    Not sure if this is more of a handset manufacture area or PBX, I will try both. Using Yealink T46's, spent a while going though all their settings cant find any thing for it, but it goes like this. For simplicity and speed this is the most used transfer type with customers. A = External B = Internal (i.e Reception) C = Internal (other desk phone) A calls into B wants to speak to C B calls C putting A on hold (using BLF button) B & C are talking B transfers A while in call using transfer soft key. A is connected with C If C is not paying attention they wont know A has been connected as its a silent connection, is there a way for some tone here? a quick beep?. The work around is B ends the call to C and does a blind transfer but this adds a few more button presses and is less 'smooth' Should I approach yealink for this? Fairly sure the same was true on snom handsets as well.
  14. Scott1234


    Web RTC phone looks great along with the user interface rebuild, looking forward to testing it out. I could see this being very useful via an ipad mini as a reception attendant console using the native multi touch gestures to drag and drop calls around on the screen kinda like a Cisco attendant console. Will it support doing any thing like that? It would be a cool solution to have at customers offices allowing the receptionist a nice graphical way to move calls around and then being able to leave the desk to do office duties and still maintain the ability to control it all via the ipad. Will there be a option to natively define your dialling device so you don't have to pick each time, just thinking if the above were true with existing offices with reception headsets paired to their desk phones they would want calls to be handled by the desk phone and not have to pick every time it it was to be used in a situation like that.
  15. Scott1234

    Ad Hoc Change of Outbound ANI

    I achieved this by using IVR node's with the ANI's and outbound dial plans set with a wav file on the node to play a tone. I then programmed some speed dial buttons on the phone to access them and told the user's when they hear the tone they can dial the number and press # to send the call and it will dial out with the correct ANI they needed. I could probably work on the dial plan some more to make it start matching numbers on the fly so no # is needed, but I did it in a rush. DTMF Match List: = !([0-9]*)#!\1!