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  1. What are the APIs that you're using and what error is it throwing?
  2. 1. Did you configure the settings on google according to our doc and got the API? 2. Do you have the API entered in the speech to text API section? 3. Are you on 67.0.5 and have you hit the "reset" button at the bottom of this page /reg_certificate.htm before trying this?
  3. Please go to /reg_certificate.htm and hit the reset button at the bottom of the page and see if that helps. Also make sure that the RPS server has not been blacklisted from under the /reg_access.htm page
  4. Please contact sales@vodia.com and they should be able to take care of the license issues.
  5. Can you give us a call to our Sales team @ +1-617-446-1399 and they can take care of the license issue for you?
  6. Yup, we found the issue. Will make necessary changes.
  7. Do you have your number added in the park orbit on the "Call a specific number after park reminder" field?
  8. We will test this and update this thread.
  9. You can fetch the inbound or outbound calls via the XML files in the CDR(s) directory. Or you can process the "from" or the "to" section of the call logs to determine if the call was inbound or outbound.
  10. Please port forward this device and give us the login.
  11. Do you have a license on this device? Has the terms been accepted when applying it? If yes, please turn on all the logs and try to upgrade again.
  12. You set the logs > Upgraded > looked at the logs? Do you see some error before rebooting?
  13. Can you turn on your webclient logs on the admin level to level 9 and see what error it generates? We suppose it could be a license issue.
  14. What problem are you facing? Were you not able to upgrade?
  15. http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-67.0.xml
  16. Are you able to see a plug button on the right hand ?
  17. You can just edit the links to update to what you need. Please make sure you have backup of the current build before upgrading.
  18. You mean from a domain? Then yes, https://doc.vodia.com/docs/cdr
  19. Yes, you should check the settings on the /reg_recording.htm page. The delete call logs settings would be set there.
  20. One q: Is your reminder timer larger than the voicemail timer?
  21. Can you give a call to our support team along with the Anydesk ID and we can take a look?
  22. If both of those check marks are seen, then you need to just follow ahead with the documentation. When you go to the user portal > CRM > Zoho > Get auth code, do you see another window pop up which needs your Zoho account's login? If yes, that's all that's needed from Vodia's end. If not, then that's what you have to look further into. Your login creds might be wrong on there?
  23. That seems to be the problem. Please try to upgrade to 67.0.5 once again and then try the above steps. Then turn on the necessary logs and try again.
  24. The ports that you mentioned should be the only ones needed for the integration, but just to confirm, you turned on the Zoho integration from under /dom_crm.htm and then from under the user portal correct? Both had a green check mark next to it? If yes, then from the PBX's end the integration was done. You can then turn on the admin level logs for , "trunks", "CRM Related events" and "call messages" to the highest and make the call and see if there are any PBX related issues.
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