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  1. Have you covered this doc: https://doc.vodia.com/docs/zoho-crm We updated it with the IP addresses that need to be whitelisted in your firewall as well.
  2. Could you divulge more details about this use case? Attended trasnfer to who? Another extension or a park orbit? If it's another extension, then how would it turn into a Blind transfer if you never got to speak with that extension to call it an attended transfer?
  3. We will test this and let you know more.
  4. Who's perspective are you looking at this from? The agent group monitor?
  5. This is still there: https://doc.vodia.com/docs/admin-sip-and-audio We will let you know shortly about the other one.
  6. If you backup only the domain files, that should be enough too. But we generally use this https://doc.vodia.com/docs/how-to-backup-the-pbx
  7. We usually make it via the inspect element > Console. Unfortunately, we don't have that functionality.
  8. Please also make sure this is the case: https://doc.vodia.com/docs/vodiaports
  9. API for Max calls in ACD: curl -u admin:pass GET -D - http://<PBX_URL_OR_IP_ADDRESS>/rest/domain/<PBX_DOMAIN_NAME_OR_IP>/user_settings/1000 -X POST -d "{'maxcall':'5'}"
  10. Yes it is stable one. But always take a backup of your current system before you upgrade everytime to be on the safe side.
  11. "from=13159612166&to={open-curly}from{close-curly}&body=Thank you."
  12. Please try {open-curly} and {close-curly} (see https://doc.vodia.com/docs/phone-provisioning-variables).
  13. API: curl -u admin:password GET -D - http://<PBX_URL_OR_IP_ADDRESS>/rest/domain/<PBX_DOMAIN_NAME_OR_IP>/config -X POST -d "{'max_calls':'444'}"
  14. Hi, This won't happen automatically, but you can manually do that everyday. But again, the calls can't be allocated to specific accounts. It shall be assigned to the PBX as a whole.
  15. Yes it may impact it. This should've been resolved in 67.0.4 but you can also try 67.0.5. Also please go to Certificates > Hit reset at the bottom before you try the above.
  16. Can you privately send us the system login to your PBX and we will take a look at your Activesync here? You don't have 2FA turned on, on your system right?
  17. 1. What is the PBX version that you're on? Build version and date? 2. Which browser are you using?
  18. We do have a field called as "category" when you create new address book logins, is that not helping?
  19. What version of the PBX are you on when you test this? Are you testing the GAPS or just the normal manual provisioning of the phones to the PBX? Or is there something else that is not working? We've had no customers complain about this, so rest assured this should be working. Are you following this doc https://doc.vodia.com/docs/pnp-grandstream to avoid any trail errors? Moreover, we're fine tuning some of their phones at the moment.
  20. You can try using External as well. We're not sure about the error that you've gotten though, we've used PBX on the local IP (and not localhost) and it worked as expected.
  21. We would be looking at buttons down the lane on the apps / user portal. For this this would be the only way. We do have adding the speed dials in the user portal where you can add buttons of your choice. You have to take a backup and upgrade to 67.0.5 (rename the link for 67.0) to test this out.
  22. There are no theoretical limits as such.
  23. Is there a way that you can send us some PCAP that highlights this issue via support@vodia.com?
  24. You didn't mention HG earlier. Yes that setting is essential for picking up HG calls.
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