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  1. Hi, This has been solved on the latest build, but is still in the beta testing.
  2. Hi, Agent group is a call center setup. The last option in the Agent selection algorithm is "Number of agents ADDED per stage" so, it will keep adding the new agents to the ringing call until one of the agents picks up. And that call will keep going in the round robin effect. If you want only one agent to ring at a time, Hunt Group setup is the best way to go.
  3. Hi, Q) What we require is; when the caller reaches this agent group they are passed around to each currently logged in agent for approx 10-15 seconds each. When the caller is passed onto another agent, the prior agents phone stops ringing (instead of all ringing at once). If an agent is not logged in/is already on a call it should simply call another randomly logged in agent. Ans) Yes, they will all ring one after another, that is how the Agent Group works. If you want everyone to ring at once and if you need separate stages for each set of extension then please try Hunt groups. Its far simpler for you and you can transfer the call from Hunt group to Agent group too (if HG alone, cant solve your query). In short, you dont need to create these many agent groups or any other group. That's the main reason it was created for.
  4. Hi, 1) Copy the entire working directory of the PBX. 2) Copy this on the new server. 3) Reset your license ONE TIME ONLY. And re-apply that on the new server. And you should be good to go. https://vodia.com/en/orders
  5. Hi, As of now we dont have a version for WebRTC on iOS devices. But stay Tuned.
  6. Hi, I guess the Admin was referring to adding that to the next version of the PBX. As of now, just making sure your customers can enter numbers as suggested by you shall be the best case scenario.
  7. Hi, It depends upon how do you want to see the logs. I have tried via "Email" and "file" option and the logs show me the extension which picked up the call. These are my settings on the PBX and the output of the CDR file generated in my generated folder. Now, the information is a little in plethora on our website, but you have to go slowly and steadily to read it out and implement it. (Search for "file" on this webpage to understand my implementation.)
  8. Hi, Can you please check this link. It can help you in detail. https://vodia.com/doc/cdr
  9. Hi, Once you press 2 and wait for the greeting to be played, you can simply press "#" and you will hear the beep to leave the message. For external caller, the greeting plays anyway.
  10. Hi, That CDR is a very organized feature. If you would like to have more details then you can configure the CDR settings on your Domain level (in General settings) as seen in the image. Beware, that it will generate the CDR call legs for both the Inbound and Outbound calls going via the PBX for every call you make. Make sure you assign a separate folder (in your outlook for e.g) for these mails if you choose your CDRs via e-mails and if you have lots of calls happening per minute. For more details check this out : https://vodia.com/doc/domain_settings#Call_Detail_Records_(CDRs)
  11. Hi, I tried this link and tried to call both SIP phone and a Cell phone. And let it ring for a long time before picking it up. Seems to work fine for me. Which PBX version are you on? Are all SIP phones being picked up automatically or just some specific models? Did you try replacing 'http' with 'https' in this link.
  12. Hi, Try to add this line as it is to the XML file snom_745_phone.xml before the line </phone-settings> and save it:- <user_proxy_require idx="1" perm="RW">buttons</user_proxy_require> And then reboot the phone (while it is still being AUTO-PROVISIONED). We have added this change in our latest and upcoming version which wont require the above changes to be done manually anymore. The latest build shall be available for all OS shortly.
  13. Hi, Excellent question and thanks for trying it out. Yes, we do have a new Vodia WebRTC app on Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Vodia+Networks&hl=en and it does give you a user level portal access from it just like it does from Chrome or any other browser. It is faster, easier and gives the felling of a softphone on your mobile device. The latest version is 2.1 and as we are upgrading the PBX's GUI, along with the WebRTC's GUI, the next version will offer a lot more lucrative and easy on eyes features than it is doing right now. Stay tuned.
  14. Hi, Which version you are on? I am on 57.0 and everything looks fine to me. I have 5 separate recording with star codes and i can listen to all the audio recordings by pressing the "Play" button besides it. It also gives an option to delete (by pressing "*") on the go, or on the GUI itself.
  15. Hi, Is there a way you can upgrade to the latest version of the PBX which is 57.0 and try again.
  16. Hi, Very good question. So, as long as you "Create" 10 extensions, the PBX won't have an issue with as many "Registrations" you have per extension. So WebRTC and Deskphone have just one extension (lets says number 100), So that is still considered as 1 Regs. As long as you dont "Create" more than 10 Ext., you are all set.
  17. Hi, This has been acknowledged. Developers will be made known of about this. Thank you for the suggestion.
  18. Hi, Can you send us the XML file for the W56? ( Or you can send us the phone itself for our testing purpose if you are looking to provision many extensions). Has Yealink changed the base module completely from W52 to W56.
  19. Hi, Given that you have a linux PBX server. Please check this link out and see if it works out for you. http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/use.html
  20. Hi, The call back function of the ACD has been updated in this link here. Search for "callback" in here https://vodia.com/documentation/agentgroups Please wait while we update the pick up group page in detail for Vodia PBX, we are currently working on it.
  21. Hi, Missing audio or one way audio is generally associated with a firewall issue or the RTP unable to find ports on your system. And you arent able to hear the other party or you are not even able to hear the ringback tone when you call them? Is this happening with only you and that customer or everywhere you call (or every call which your customer receives or makes?) ? Let's narrow down the problem. Send us the screenshot of your RTP settings on Admin level and also check your firewall thoroughly. 488 error also suggests codec negotiation error.
  22. Hi, You are right. One option can be to "re-sync the selected accounts" And other one can be under the "registration" tab of each extensions where you can re-sync it too.
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