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  1. There are no theoretical limits as such.
  2. Is there a way that you can send us some PCAP that highlights this issue via support@vodia.com?
  3. You didn't mention HG earlier. Yes that setting is essential for picking up HG calls.
  4. Please check the doc page again, it should give you more information.
  5. We're making some changes to the doc to make it clearer, because Google seems to have changed their UI yet again.
  6. Please check the doc again. Also we've replied to your email privately a few hours ago.
  7. We tested this again on our latest version and it seemed to have worked. We made an inbound call to our auto attendant, an ext picked up via user portal, put this call on hold, made another GSM call, hit the conference button on the user portal, all 3 of the participants heard the conference tone and has 2 way audio on all channels. Are you able to successfully do this between 3 extensions on the PBX? Maybe your trunk is hitting a limit or not working as expected. This is all assuming that your ad-hoc conf room was created and is working as expected.
  8. So yes, create the TFTP directory as mentioned above. Yes ! The SSH access would be your server login.
  9. It should be in Wav, 8KHz, Mono, 16 Bits format only.
  10. Can you try to change the audio file on the PBX itself for the default ringtone? YOu can see through the admin logs which exact file plays when the phone rings, and then later find that file inside the system level of the PBX and replace it with the file of your choice?
  11. By 2 mobile phones you mean GSM calls or there are Vodia apps on those 2 phones?
  12. Yes, please take a back up and then upgrade. You can edit the link for 67.0 to say 67.0.4 for upgrading.
  13. If you're looking to update the firmware of the phone, then you don't need to do it via the TFTP folder anymore. You can simply navigate to the /reg_pnpparm.htm page on the PBX and add the URL of the firmware there as seen in the placeholder text.
  14. If you specify the field Extensions > " Explicitly specify pickup preference" with details of the extensions that you want to pick up the calls for. It will enable you to do so.
  15. We're currently looking into this and trying to reproduce this on our end so that we can identify the problem if any.
  16. Currently, there are no ways of achieving that from under the trunk level itself, because that seems like trunk has higher authority on calling this in. But aren't there any settings on the trunk / carrier itself that will prevent this from happening? If the trunk / carrier stops playing the early media, will the error code be sent sooner in that case?
  17. This is a feature we're working on next. Will update everyone once this comes to life.
  18. What is the version of the PBX that you're on and the version of the App as well?
  19. Ohhh, this was only about the web display you meant? Functionality wise it wasn't causing us this problem. Also, we tested this on version 67.0.4 and even the display should be working fine. And we followed the same steps given on our documentation for disabling it too (the one that you mentioned here).
  20. Can you tell us how are you able to see this? A screenshot maybe? Also what version of the PBX are you trying this on?
  21. Hi, So the transfer reminder cannot work while the call is being "attended transferred". Attended transfer will mean that the ext that you wanted to talk to IS available and hence the reminder doesn't need to play a role here.
  22. Can you edit the question for us to understand better?
  23. Can you open up a ticket with us on vodia.zammad.com and give us your Peerless API account's login and all the other necessary information and we can try and see if we can make it work with our current setup ?
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