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  1. This is a doc about the SMS integration of the PBX with another provider: https://blog.vodia.com/vodia_sms You can use it as a reference point
  2. What we suggest is please take off "&connect=true" from the string and try again. It will then give the message "Press 1 to make the call out" and it should work there after
  3. Please check this page /reg_status.htm for those details on the PBX.
  4. Can you send us that file via our ticketing system vodia.zammad.com? Also send us the Build date and the version of the PBX on it. There are fields on the ticket, please fill them up with all the details necessary.
  5. Sorry , this one: https://forum.vodia.com/topic/16781-inbound-sms-is-not-working-telnyx/?tab=comments#comment-49576 Also, we've sent you an email a few days ago. Can you please check your spam / junk folder and see if you can reply to it?
  6. That backup option is only for the IO and the IOPs. It was hence removed from the general software setup.
  7. This seems to be working for us. Actually, this was always working.
  8. Seems like a successful message was it? If not, you can turn off the web server logs and see if that takes off the "logo" logs (you can also turn them off after knowing which logs are generating it by clicking on "ⓘ") and set the logs to 1000 length. Please also set it back to 100 after done. You are checking under the message section on the App / user portal correct?
  9. Could you send us the admin level logs for the same? Maybe the number that comes in looking for the DID are in different formats according to the logs and hence PBX is not able to recognize it.
  10. If you put the DID on a ACD, it will try to route it to an agent that is available on the app and if there are several available, it will send it to the one that was in the conversation.
  11. It has already been replied to 18 hours ago. Please also check on tickets and forums for updates.
  12. Under /reg_pnpparm.htm > Yealink > Bottom of the page.
  13. We do have that setting under /reg_ports.htm page on the PBX.
  14. From your URL here (as much as we can see) 1. Please try using https instead of http 2. Your domain should be xyz.com and not http://xyz.com 3. You don't need to escape "&" with "/". Also as one of our members mentioned, sharing admin login to your PBX can help.
  15. Are you always accessing the PBX via https or http?
  16. What is the URl format that you're trying to access? Can you send us the QR code to us privately from the Forum or to our support email?
  17. Maybe it was included in the upgrade too. Take a backup and go to 67.0 when you'd like.
  18. What do you mean? We see this. Are you mentioning that you don't see this or nothing happens after this on the desktop phone? 67.0.1 is the current stable version that we're running.
  19. You can simply add their cell phone to the next stage on the HG which rings after 10 secs of ringing of the first stage? And maybe keep the extensions (in the cellphone stage)as before?
  20. What is the version of the App and the PBX build date that you're experiencing this on?
  21. Support


    Hi, We've changed the doc page with update on this. Please don't use this setting for any PBX other than the ones on IO and IOP. Your browser cannot take the download sizes of more than 10 MB which will not be very good for the PBX running.
  22. Hi, We've moved our documentation to a new URL: https://vodia.document360.io Please access this link from here on and let us know if any comments or suggestions.
  23. It does work on the latest version 67.0. Please take a backup of your system before you upgrade. https://doc.vodia.com/zoho_crm
  24. Please refer to this thread for this: https://forum.vodia.com/topic/16659-windows-app-notification-bug/ It's not a bug, it's a setting. Which System are you using (your laptop's configurations and Windows OS version?) Also what version of the app and the PBX are you on (build date and time)? We just tried this on our latest system and it seemed to have worked. How exactly are you executing it? Please let us know all the details. For e.g. did you make a call from user portal (which OS) and who did you call and how did you try to park the call? We called from User portal, put the call on hold and transferred it to a park orbit number and it hung the call up on the user portal and replied with a message on other party, that call was now parked.
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