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  1. I tested it again on two clean VM's (only Windows , the TAPI driver and EPhoneX64.exe). On the first VM with Windows 7 on the last patch level it works. On the second VM with Windows 10 1909 the call is rejected. But it is noticeable that under Windows 7 the trace log is written first after EPhone opens the TAPI session. Under Windows 10 the log is filled directly after the Windows logon. I need the TAPI connection for our CRM system and my colleagues wait for a solution. What can I do to get a working fix for the problem?
  2. Hi! I'm just trying to get the TAPI client up and running and I've encountered a strange problem: The driver is configured and outgoing calls can be started. However, all incoming calls for an extension are immediately rejected as soon as any TAPI client is registered for it. If I close the TAPI Client again, the phone rings again too. Does anyone have a tip for me what this could be? Some additional Infos: Software version 65.0.8 (Debian64) Build date May 30 2020 18:30:57 [0:01:38:703]:7 DeliveredEvent(0xxxxxxxxxxx, yyyyyy17, 05af1c4a@pbx) [0:01:38:703]:7
  3. Hello, there. Since a few days we have massive problems with our telephone server. The phones always get the answer 403 No mor licenses from the pbx. But no new extensions have been added to the system and the license info in the web interface also looks good. What goes wrong here? I would be grateful for quick help! Best regards Andy
  4. Thank you! With this file it works again
  5. Hi! In the meantime we have updated to 60.0.3. However, the delay is still present. And yes, we use Snom (870) phones. What else can we do to reduce the delay?
  6. Hello, everybody since the last update to version 60 we have a curious behaviour with our telephone system. The phones signal an incoming call immediately on the display but the ringing starts two to three seconds later. Where does this behaviour come from and how can I change this so that the devices ring again immediately? Best regards A_nd_y
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