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    Delayed ringing

    Hello, everybody since the last update to version 60 we have a curious behaviour with our telephone system. The phones signal an incoming call immediately on the display but the ringing starts two to three seconds later. Where does this behaviour come from and how can I change this so that the devices ring again immediately? Best regards A_nd_y
  2. A_nd_y

    Delayed ringing

    Thank you! With this file it works again
  3. A_nd_y

    Delayed ringing

    Hi! In the meantime we have updated to 60.0.3. However, the delay is still present. And yes, we use Snom (870) phones. What else can we do to reduce the delay?
  4. Hi at all, we have an old snom one (Version und want to upgrade it to to the current PBX V5 (56.0). I've exported the pbx.tar archive from the old system, but i don't find a import option on the webinterface of the new pbx. So my question is: How can i import my old configruation into the new system? best regards A_nd_y