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  1. The issue is I don't want to push it to a different extension during those hours, i want it to go to voicemail. Additionally they want administration to still be able to call through to those extensions, which there is an option to configure to allow them to bypass DND.
  2. I'm curious if there is a way to set a schedule so a group of extensions go to DND during certain hours? It's for a school district, and they don't want the phones ringing during classes.
  3. I've got a very basic setup w/ a Vodia pbx and a handful of extensions. A particular user is wanting to monitor incoming calls to another extension, and be able to pick them up. I configured the permissions on the PBX and have messed with a few settings on the phone buttons... I have call monitoring setup for a button, which shows incoming calls but gives me no functionality to pick them up... I then tried a second button w/ star code *87extension, which they can pick up the incoming call then.. but it's 1 way audio. The person calling in cannot hear the person who picks up the call, but the person who picks up the call can hear the caller. Thanks in advance.
  4. @r5-ng Yes I tried testing it. It shows a little icon for an incoming call but it doesn't show the phone # (issue explained in the beginning). If I click the softkey, it then answers the call (and shows the phone #). @ahennis@voicespring.net i will check the phone settings to verify if that setting is on or off and let you all know. Thanks.
  5. The problem is they don't want to pick up the second call, unless it's an important call. So switching to that call to see the caller id makes no sense.
  6. Starting today I have a Snom 760 phone that when a call is parked, and it rings back after not being picked up for a while it is not having an audible ring. The light on top right of phone just flashes. I've tried factory reset on phone, and have tested from other phones which seem to work fine. Any suggestion?
  7. I misunderstood what you were asking. So the hunt group From-header shows Calling-Party
  8. You mean on the phone correct? I logged into the phone, went to Setup>Advanced>Behavior and there is no from-header option listed. Running Firmware on the Snom 715 handset. Thank you.
  9. Version 58.0 Build Jun 20, 2017 Snom 715 Phone I'm having issues where when a call comes into ring group, and client is already on a call he is getting a flash/audible beep, but the caller ID isn't showing the incoming call #. This is an issue because he can't differentiate between if its important enough for him to pick up, or let it go to voicemail. Is there a way to resolve this? Thanks so much! Snom 715 phones.
  10. 1.) I mean the phones aren't like automatically provisioned. The settings are manually configured from the handsets to point back to the PBX, and all of the handsets (I think the tech director said there were four) are configured for that particular extension. 2) There is no physical handset provisioned to the extension. It's literally configured as I posted in the above image. The extension just points calls to an external # (technicians cell phone)
  11. This is the way the cell is configured. No handset configured to this ext, just has all calls fwd to the particular #.
  12. On this particular PBX 519 is the extension setup for the cell phone forwarding. 303 is manually configured on several handsets.
  13. There's a ring/hunt group created. It involves the following. ext 100, 101, 102 (standard phones) and there's an extension that is just setup for a cell phone ext 103, forward to cell phone # configured. If I configure the hunt group stage 1 extensions: 103, Duration:20 stage 2 extensions: 100, 101, 102 It does not ring the cell phone @ 103, it instead goes directly to 100, 101, 102. If i configure it stage 1 extensions: 103 Just like that, it rings to the cell phone fine.
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