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  1. the log details r here [5] 2008/10/10 05:21:31: Identify trunk (line match) 3 [5] 2008/10/10 05:21:31: Trunk calllcentric sends call to 9999 [5] 2008/10/10 05:21:31: Attendant: Redirect to [5] 2008/10/10 05:21:58: load: Index domain not set
  2. we are getting these details from pbxnsip log [5] 2008/10/07 06:39:30: Identify trunk (line match) 3 [5] 2008/10/07 06:39:30: Trunk calllcentric sends call to 17772335784 [5] 2008/10/07 06:39:30: Trunk call: Could not identify user wat does dis mean and wat shld we need to continue
  3. yes we chked it. but we are not getting which number we shld call from x-lite so dat it goes to our speech server application through pbxnsip.
  4. Hi we have already a speech server 2007 application. we hv got a 3 minutes license frm pbxnsip. we have created an account in http://www.callcentric.com/ and added this as a trunk in pbxnsip adminstration interface. we hv also created an 9999 extension. we hv configured the http://www.callcentric.com/ account on x-lite also. pls guide us how to integrate between pbxnsip, our speech server application and x-lite softphone. Regards, Shwetha R.K
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