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  1. We are currently using Ubuntu 10 server, we are looking forward to the fixes. regards
  2. I have the following situation, which i hope someone can help me out: We are using snomone in combination with snom320 phones. We have created 6 co-lines, which are all set on the phone buttons 1-6. Everything works fine, the co-lines are blinking or steady (depending on the state of the line), we can put the lines on hold, take them back and so on. One thing however is driving me crazy: When a call comes in we can see the callers phone number (or name). When we put this call on hold (with the hold-button) and we take the line back through the hold button, the callers name or number comes back to the display. However, when we put the call on hold and we take the call back with the corresponding co-button, the callers number (or name) on the phone display changes in somekind of internal id number? eq: *6011xx. This is very confusing when there are more lines on hold. Thanks.
  3. You are right of course, on the other hand, even the snomone forum says it's possible...
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I thought it was actually a very good idea and since i had a Snom wireless stick i tried it immediately. After a couple of hours trying to get the wireless going i definitively give it up. I followed al the articles on the snom forum regarding setting up the wireless, but it just won't work. Factory resets, other firmware => Can't get past the dhcp request boot screen. It seems a lot of people are having trouble with this. I can't understand why this is so hard.... So back to the first question, anybody tried using the switch function of the 821 with ipforwading to make it possible to route vpn traffic?
  5. After struggling for far to many days with NAT / STUN / SBC and all other things i could think of to make it possible to connect from remote offices into a centrally located snomone pbx i decided to implement OpenVPN. I installed OpenVPN on the snomone server and followed the instructions on upgrading our 821 phone according to to the following post: http://wiki.snom.com/Networking/Virtual_Private_Network_(VPN) This works (almost) perfectly. The VPN connection starts and the 821 phone is connected to the pbx like it is in the same LAN. So basically i finally succeeded in a stable connection without any audio problems. But as soon as i try to follow the next step to try to use the phone as a router to forward VPN traffic from the other switch port through the VPN i definitely get stuck: If i add the line "up /openvpn/your_script.sh" to the vpn.cnf the phone won't connect the VPN anymore. Even if i don't add this line, but add the mentioned shellscript to the tarball it won't connect. Anybody here who can help me out with this one? (The customer wants to add a snom M3 to this location, and the M3 doesn't do OpenVPN so i really would like to get this working). Regards,
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