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  1. Upgraded to the 60.0 version and changed the source for caller-id information from remote party id to from and that fixed the problem. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I had it working on version 58.0 When I upgraded to 59.0 it stopped working. I don't see the a 59.8 version link only the 59.0
  3. thanks for the reply. I changed some of the caller id settings on the telnyx trunk and started to receive calls showing the trunk caller id. Then I removed the ani from the telnyx trunk and now showing the inbound call caller id.
  4. I am trying to send the caller id of the inbound call to a call forwarded to a cell phone. My inbound trunk is vitelity and my outbound trunk is telnyx. I know it is possible because I had it working on a freepbx system. It would show the extension number if calling from internal extension as well as the caller id of the inbound call. Currently all calls forwarded to the cell phone show private number.
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