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  1. We are facing the snomONE Blue licence activation issue. It is still showing "No License Error". It clear from the log the it was sent the request to license server. But still the license cannot able to activate with snomONE 4.5.1. Really appreciate if you can help us.
  2. We are also facing the same issue here. How can we get this resolved? Kindly do the needful asap and Your quick assistance would be highly appreciated.
  3. Can you please provide more details about UHLL middleware that support by snom ONE. ?
  4. Hi, Is there any Hotel PMS solution that is interoperable with snom One. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Whether this is customized ? If not customized how this iButton works with Snom ICU Droorkeeper ?
  6. Hi All, In snom ICU doorkeeper system How employees can enter into the company without making a video intercom call? Is there any keycode or RFID option ?
  7. Hi, Does anyone have any experience/advice on how to use the Obi110 as a trunk on a Snom ONE system. Ideally i would like use the Obi110 analogue line as a gateway to make and receive calls through the Snom One system, and the same for the google voice account, to make and receive calls as a trunk. Thanks Nimmy
  8. Bymacht


    Hi All, I tried to connect two snom one free using SIP Tie.We have to Offices SiteA and SiteB. We have created two extensions on two sites.100@sitea.com and 200@siteb.com How i can make an internal call between these two offices?. Thanks & Regards
  9. Hi All, How i can get Certificate for Gmail SMTP Server? Thanks & Regards
  10. Hi All, Please let me know whether berofix PCI voip card module:-bf4FXO module with 4 port FXO,is compatible with Snom one free. Thanks & regards Nimmy
  11. This should be possible when we have two snom one in both office. right ?. But in our case we have snom one only in india. Any option like this, When User call to an extension in snom one, user hear the dial tone and the dial the number. then snom one intitiate the call through PSTN/ SIP trunk ?
  12. Hi All, Is it possible to Dial/ make a outgoing calls from External number through PSTN Line conncted in Snom one PBX ? If our Sigapore office want to make a calls to an Indian number, Is it possible to Call through the PSTN Line Connected on Snom One PBX in India ( Similar function as VoIP Gateway doing)? Any workaround for this? Thanks, Nijin
  13. Hi all, How can i setup the Least cost call routing (LCR) in snom one ? Thanks Nijin Narayanan
  14. What about picking up on behalf, parking a call feature ?. Is these feature are supported in Cisco and Polycom IP Phone with Snom One ?
  15. Hi All, Let me know whether Snom one is interoperable with Polycom IP phones and Cisco IP phones Thanks & Regards
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