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  1. I have been given our RPS login credentials and the phone finds the PBX and showes the buttons but says no service on the screen. So I tried the exact same proccess and I get no regustraltion at all. I can see the phone going to the RPS and pointing to the server but thats it. Very odd. Should I enter anything into the RPS server on YLink side? I have done the server only should I do nothing in the Yealink side. What normally causes this?
  2. Hello, When will Freshbooks v2 (non clasic) integration be available?
  3. Hello, I have spent a month trying to get this done with iPage and Comodo SSL. I have had no luck at all. I am happy to pay to be shown how it is to be done. Thanks.
  4. Hi All, How do we transfer customisation to the default web templates within Vodia PBX to another PBX? Can we just move the html files into the new root folder? PBXWEBAi seems to work fine. I have put the webpages folder inside root and inside PBXWEBAI and both still are not read from the system./ note the CSS and IMG is working fine.
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