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  1. Thanks for the response, seems I was 3rd time lucky when using my 3rd windows 10 x64 workstation I can successfully dial using dialer.exe now. Not sure why the other 2 machines would be failing but I can move on for now. Can you tell me does the vodia TSP have functionality for inbound calls or only making outgoing calls? I've tried it with a test application and outbound seems OK but it's not identifying any inbound - versus say when I try with 3cx TSP it tests find both ways. Cheers, Jason
  2. Hi All, I've followed the instructions for the TAPI Provider but can't have any luck even making a call with dialer.exe. Looking at the log on the PBX (Tried on versions 57.0, 57.4 and 58.3) I don't see anything populate in the logs on the PBX side and even after enabling logging on the Vodia TAPI Provider in the registry nothing is logged on this end either. Is anyone else using Windows 10 x64 and have any luck with the TAPI provider? I require the TAPI provider for a CRM integration (Sage CRM), would love to know if this is something Vodia can confirm is working with windows 10 x64 and if not do you intend to have it working anytime soon? Thanks in advance, Jason
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