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  1. Title says it all. The DELETE button does not show any effect and the list of blocked IPs can't be cleared. Entering IPs for the whitelist does not work either.

    This problem appears only on http:/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/reg_access.htm. All other settings can be edited and changed.

    This is for V 63.0 (Win64)

  2. We realize that you are very proud to be represented by www.888voip.com as a sales agent. But for us it's a step backwards. At least at this point.

    We used to buy annual maintenance through your website. Now we have to browse through 53 unorganized items on the 888voip website trying to find out which is the replacement for our original maintenance contract.

    www.vodia.com has no licence infrmation page left at all (at least we were not able to find it). Does your marketing team intend to scare the smaller clients away? 

    We understand that hiring a reseller makes a lot of sense from a business point of view, but you probably would't want to confuse your clients because there is no straightforeward information.

    So what do we have to buy as a replacement for annual maintenance. We weren't able to figure this out quickly.

  3. We were not able to update our system via Maintenance/Software Update since last summer. It simply did not work. So we did this:

    Renamed/deleted pbxctrl.exe and pbxctrl.dat

    Downloaded new versions from:



    Removed string "-61.0" and copied files to the program directory.

    The pbx seems to work fine and finally runs the current version of the software.

    We just want to make sure that this workaround is OK. Waiting for confirmation.

    Thank you.





  4. You did not really reply how to fix this to regain control over the pbx, but I will describe my procedure for other windows users that might experience the issue:

    Stop the service

    Remove pbxctrl.exe and pbxctrl.dat and replace it with the previous versions

    Start the service

  5. We updated the PBX today from V 5.8 to 5.9 (Platform: Win64). The PBX is working but the web interface is not available anymore. This mean we can't access the settings. The PBX does not reply to the browsers. Nothing else has been changed on this system. How can we fix this? Should we replace the new pbxctrl.exe with the old one?

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