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  1. destination: All Primary agents are logged out>>>>Night Service Number
  2. Hi, I'm using vodia version 63.0.5. I've set an agent group and in night service set "all primary agents are logged out" and set destination, it's working well as it should but there is one confusion. Suppose there a call waiting into the queue for next avaialable agent, agent get free from prior call and logout from the ACD. Now the caller waiting into the queue stuck there and will not go anywhere until he hangsup the call. Actually that waiting caller should be routed to destination when all agents are logged out. When new call came in it routed perfectly to described destination, only the issue is with the call already in the queue. Please advise.
  3. We know about this "explicitly specify pick up preference" and "XX secs". Actually the environment is this, there are many agents and each group is being supervised by a manager. Now manager want he should have capability to transfer any waiting call in agent group to any extension. Actually their patient calls and manager see there is a call into the queue which is most important and can taken care ASAP so they transfer that call to any extension.
  4. Hi I think you did not get my point. Our objective is to transfer the call while it's in agent group waiting queue but has not landed to any extension yet. Suppose there are three calls Caller A,B and C. One extension 200 is logged in as agent. Now caller A is talking to agent while Caller B and C are waiting for next available agent. Now we want if queue manager wants to transfer caller B to any extension so he should be able to transfer that caller to any extension.
  5. Okay I'm at version 61.0.2. How can I drag the call as queue manager?
  6. One of our big client need this feature. Is there a way we can achieve this by any way?
  7. Hi Everyone, is there a way we can transfer a waiting call into the agent group to any extension? Suppose there are there is one agent logged in ACD and he is on call with some one. There are three more calls waiting into agent group. Is there a way Queue Manager can transfer that waiting call to any other extension?
  8. Hi Taner, our client requirement is not 60 seconds it's 10 seconds so we can not putt it on 60 seconds. Thanks
  9. Really sorry but can you please advise on it ASAP if it's doable or not? We need to tell the client. Thanks
  10. I tested but still not working. It keeps ringing on prior agents. We can not set the ring stage duration to 60 seconds. Maximum we can is 10 seconds. This is our client requirement. By the way I'm at version 63.0.5.
  11. Hi Tanerul, I think this is not good option to go via Hunt Group or Rotate agent groups. Anyone else please advise.
  12. Hi Guys, Just one query, what is the purpose of "Number of agents added per ring stage" under Agent Group. Actually right now suppose there are three agents A, B and C are logged into the ACD and sitting idle. Call came in and it will ring for 10 seconds on agent who is sitting idle first (Suppose it's agent A). After 10 seconds system will include agent B into the call as well and now it's ringing on both Agent A and B. Again after 10 seconds system will include agent C and now it's ringing on A,B and C. Can we only have to ring on one agent at a time. Like call should ring on Agent A and after 10 seconds it should go to Agent B but should not keep ringing on A and so on. Please advise. Thanks
  13. Okay I see these setting are under /reg_pnp_settings.htm, what about Vodia version 60.0.3? I do not see those settings on that version.
  14. Hi Guys, I've Vodia version 63.0.5 . I need to change the buttons by default settings. For example if I create button template for Yealink T46G, it gives by default label "account+display name", how can I change to just show label display name? I know If I manually put display name it will get it but I need it to set by default. Thank You
  15. Is it like this, suppose I've a Hunt group 400, and I've registered a phone as extension 200. Now on this phone I configure a key as BLF 400. Now if someone calling at 400 on my phone I see BLF line gonna red that mean call is ringing at hunt group 400, so by just pressing that configured key I can take that call? Is it how it will work?
  16. Hi, Can anyone tell me please how can we use this feature "Enable call pickup from extension BLF" in the hunt group. I read the vodia document but did not understand complete. Thank You
  17. Hi, I believe *97 star code is for voicemail not call recording. My concern is how can I listen recorded call not voicemail.
  18. I'm trying at version 63.0.5. Which logs you needed?
  19. Hi, I'm at Vodia version 63.0.5. I recorded a call via star code *93 and I see that recording under extension mailbox. When I dial *85 to listen the recording system start saying "end of message". Please advise. Thank You
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