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  1. I have a customer who is using the Android app and getting constant random alerts as shown in this screen shot saying they have a new voicemail that they sent themselves. (from their own extension to their extension) and yet no voicemail is there, its just a pop-up that can alert anytime, the customer was using a Samsung S7 when it started and just upgraded today to a S20 and says the problem persists. I was able to reproduce this myself on my Samsung S10 by just installing the app, logging in and then sure enough about an hour later a random alert popped up saying i had sent myself a voicemai
  2. Hi, I understand from the webinar some bug fixes are out in version 66.3 but there are no release notes - could we get some updates to the vodia doc release notes please so I can review for known and fixed issues. Thanks.
  3. Hi Team; What are all the possible ways a user might be able to park a call within the latest Vodia App or Chrome browser user mode? If I roll back to app version 1 then I can use the "P" button within the app to park a call and at the bottom right there is an option to retrieve the parked call and this works on both incoming and outgoing calls. If i upgrade to any version in the 2.0 or 3.0 branch then the "P" button no longer functions like this and I can't figure out how its supposed to function. In the case of an incoming call, the "P" button can be selected and will either dis
  4. The test environment I used to test the MSI above was within Windows Sandbox, when installing the 3.1.0 or 3.2.0 MSI it ends up saying 2.0.0 at the bottom as pictured above. So not sure this version is actually newer or older then whats on Windows Store. On my main operating computer i went to check what Windows Store has installed automatically for me after checking that all windows and store updates are applied and there are inconsistencies there too. For example, the windows store installed app reports 3.0.1 at the bottom, and device manager reports version 3.0.2 is installed and Wi
  5. how come regardless of what version of the app you install, 3.1 or 3.2 it always says version 2.0.0 along the bottom left hand side of the window.
  6. This worked thanks! but inability to add buttons, mac does not populate into a button profile, when looking at the available button templates on Vodia66 the GXV3350 falls right out of company with its brother and sister phones the 3370 and 3380. Is there a way to tell Vodia to just use a GXV3370 button template since the 3350 is missing - they are the same phone, just different screen sizes but since its VMPK soft buttons i'm sure the phone wont care.
  7. I realized this exact same issue as thomas.lange, i discovered that if i have anything registered on the extension then you can't set it to FAX mailbox type anymore as it doesn't work (sometimes we throw an ATA on the fax extension so customer can send faxes) but we want Vodia to receive them so what we used to do was set extension to DND and mailbox FAX and this did the trick - but not anymore. Workaround for me was setting it to Mailbox mode, answer after 1 ring and then for the voicemail greeting i have a 20 second blank wave file that I upload to the greeting, once Vodia hears the fax ton
  8. what template to use for the new GXV3350? the GXVxxxx or the GXV3240 (older model) i've not had success with either yet, but maybe you can narrow down my troubleshooting. am using Vodia65.
  9. thanks - do you have the MAC and LINUX versions available for download as well please? I have a few customers using the mac version and the link on the blog is no longer working...
  10. The download links located here: https://blog.vodia.com/Vodia_windows_app have all gone dead recently and we have a number of customers who are on environments where the Windows Store and iTunes store are either blocked, not supported (ie: Windows7) or not permitted as part of their network restrictions (domains). We were previously relying on these links in order to give our customers access to the EXE and DWG installers so they could use the Vodia PBX App. Could you fix these links or provide an alternative way to download the VodiaPhone installers without relying on Microsoft Store plea
  11. Hi, so the only success i have had here is if i make up an extension in the pattern field that does NOT correspond to a valid extension on the PBX then I can get the P option to work, or I can make it follow a replacement pattern or block it entirely. So i can replicate a syntax that does what i want with a made up number/extension... But, If the extension or star code I input into the pattern field is a valid extension on the PBX then anything in the replacement field, including using PIN or CMC is ignored. I've been at this quiet a while with dozens of permutations, i only posted 2 that I
  12. I've tried a few dial plan routines as you suggested, the star codes do not seem work in the dial plan, i put the \ before it as indicated in the documentation but nothing happens, star codes still work unaffected by the dial plan rules (see attached example). In the second attached example i thought maybe i'll just forward any attempts to do star codes to an auto attendant message where I can pre-record a message saying this feature is disabled, but its not forwarding the call either. Any attempt to manipulate a star code in the dial plan has no effect, even if i enable PIN mode, no effect.
  13. We want to setup some phones for our clients that would be in hotel lobbies, the phone extensions should allow for outgoing calls to external numbers ONLY and not allow calls to internal extensions or to access any feature codes or internal voicemail. The Hotel Permission is supposed to deal with the star codes restriction but that didn't work as expected as even with Hotel Permission applied to the extension, I can still dial any * feature code i want from that extension. I then tried adjusting the Vodia dial plan to NOT ALLOW numbers with XXX pattern but that does not seem to have worked e
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