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  1. I am testing the windows app and i must say it works well. i am utilizing a bluetooth app connected to the onboard bluetooth in my laptop to make and take calls. While the headset does ring, I cannot answer the call with the headset. Is there a way to make the answer button on the headset pick up the call?
  2. I am trying out the CSTA Browser for the first time. All i want it to do right now is pop up the caller ID information. According to the documentation, the text "{number}" should be replaced by the actual number. i am using a simple HTML page to receive the info. it however does not change the text, rather it just shows {number} exactly as typed. The HTML file is attached here. any help would be appreciated!!!!! test.html
  3. How soon do you think we can have an answer on this?
  4. i have tried this on a newer iphone with the latest build and it didn't work. is there something i need to do to get it to work?
  5. Apple has had WEBRTC for almost a year now. When will you have App compatibility with IOS?
  6. Is there any update on this? It is becoming a problem not having this. People are going to our competitors because this does not work!
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