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  1. According to the Grandstream Support, this Video Door Phone is compatible with any third party supporting SIP RFC 3261 standard. Can you tell me from what version Pbxnsip/Vodia supports this standard ?
  2. Can I upgrade the Zeta Perseids version to a standard 62 version and have a trial period to see if it works. I see that the standard version has a 3-month trial period, giving me the time to check out if everything is working ... Are Snom 320 phones still supported ?
  3. You are right about the From/To headers. The more down-to-earth problem I'm having is that I can't find a way to carry the From or Identity header of the incoming call to the outgoing call when the pbx is transferring the call out to another number. I don't know if you see possibilities there. Marc
  4. I got stuck on the fact, that the original FROM Header is replaced by the pbx when it starts the new call to route the incoming call. I don't find a possibility to 'keep' the original FROM. I was hoping that the Trunk 'Update Caller Id' did something like that, but obviously it is not. So if anyone can think of a way to transport the FROM from the incoming call to the FROM of the outgoing call, it will be very easy to pass on that information to the trunk.
  5. Pbxnsip Zeta Perseids / Grandstream GDS3710 Video Door System Problem : when DoorStation makes a call to the pbx and an extension takes that call, there is only audio from the doorstation to the Extension, not the other way around. When I make a direct IP┬Ęconnection from the doorstation to one of the phones, all is well. Sip log of a call in addendum : could anyone look into this to check what might be wrong ? Any ideas very much appreciated ! Many Thanks, Marc Pbxnsip Grandstream Doorphone Sip Log.txt
  6. Could someone explain what exactly the Trunk setting 'update caller id' is doing ? My trunk settings : HeaderRequestUri: {request-uri} HeaderFrom: {trunk} HeaderTo: {request-uri} HeaderPai: HeaderPpi: HeaderRpi: "{trunk-display}" <sip:{trunk-ani}@{domain}> HeaderPrivacy: I have a Voip Provider where Remote-Party-Id is responsible for the Number/Call identification. I would like the behaviour that an incoming call, that is send though the pbx to another line, displays its original number to the other end. Right now it is the Trunk Ani that displays on the receivers phone. Can anyone give me a hint how to do this ? Thanks, Marc
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