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  1. Hi Team We are using version 65.9 and trying to integrate Vodia PBX with our billing and payment system for the following. - Call authentication ( customer needs to put their account number and pin number) - Integration with payment gateway - Self-service options like - account balance , sending last invoice via email etc To achieve the above mentioned features, We need an API call to be able to play something back from within a particular instance of an IVR node, not a canned file or a pre-set message. 1. We configure an IVR node which passes the request (containing the call session ID) to our external application which communicates with our database to perform certain self-service functions. 2. Before our application returns the response back to the PBX IVR node, we need an API to play dynamic WAV and / or to capture DTMF from the client identified by that session ID. Capturing the DTMF is not critical and can be worked around by creating multiple IVR nodes. Playing dynamic WAV is critical as this is the only way we can perform the functions that will read out balances or confirm user-entered data for the use of credit card or voucher payments. There is an API to update WAV for an IVR node, but not for a current instance of an IVR node. Do you have such an API ? if yes then how to use it ? Thanks
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