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  1. Hi. I just wanted to clarify the Ringback tone functionality on an Agent group "Agent Group / Caller Setup / Audio / Ringback tone" When a single call is in the queue and an agent is available: Setting it to "Regular ringback" plays the ringback tone, but non of the periodic announcements (wav file 1, wav file 2, etc) - which understandably because caller one is not technically in the queue, it is in the ringback state. However when set to "no ringback tone" the single caller in the queue hears the music as well as the periodic announcements, but presumably this single caller is still in the same ringback state? My question now being...With the "Regular Ringback" setting, is there also a way for the single caller to hear the periodic messages as well while they are waiting for an agent to pick up the call the same as when "no ringback tone" is set? And also...is there a way for callers 2+ who are in the queue to hear a ringback tone instead of music? Thanks,
  2. Hi. I did try the "Explicitly specify pickup preference" field, however this hasn't fixed it. When logged out of the ACD, the LED button isn't blinking, but yes when logged in it does blink and the pickup works. Where does the permission problem exist in this scenario? When logged out of the ACD I am able to dial *87399 and it will happily pickup the call where the programmed button wont. Cheers
  3. Hi. I am trying to figure out a way to configure call pickup on an agent group. What I am wanting is for the Agent Group to appear on a Yealink T46S phone as a BLF and for someone who isn't currently logged into the queue to be able to pick up the call if required. Currently I can program the Agent Group as a BLF, but I can only pick up the call using the button if that particular phone is logged into the Agent Group. If they are logged out it just calls the Agent Group number and that phone enters the Call Queue. If logged out of the Agent Group I can manually dial *87 and then the Agent Group number and it will pick up the call as desired, I can program this as a Speed Dial for the button but then I don't have the Indicator light that I would get from a BLF. Is there a way to be able to configure this? I am running: Vodia 61.0.2 (Debian) Yealink T46S Phones with Latest Firmware Thanks, Nathan
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