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  1. When this next version will be released?
  2. With freepbx there is an option in the inbound rule to make a lookup to a mysql or a local database during an inbound call with the caller id number to retrieve a name and insert it as a caller id name that will be visible on the phone's screen. Can Vodia do something like that? Is this possible only with the address book of a domain?
  3. Ok yes I got it after posting this thread, the questions remains, how can I create a custom template? The function seems broken.
  4. Ok we are testing Vodia PBX to use as our pbx and I need to enable access to the web interface of the registered devices. We are using some snom 760 units and when provisioned, the template locks the web interface with an unknwon password. Reading through the forum the suggested solution is to make a custome template to add the password that I want. So I browse to Administrator->Customize->Templates I choose type Phone PnP and page snom_760_phone.xml The file is loaded and I get the following [object Object] I paste the following <http_user perm="RW">admin</http_user> <http_pass perm="RW">password</http_pass> changing the password value and pressing the save button. If I visit another part of the Vodia Web interface and come back to this page and try to edit this template by pressing the corresponding icon at the far right I get again the [object Object] string and not the two lines that I pasted earlier. Does the form save the pasted lines or there is an error in the format and thus discards them as unvalid. Which should be the correct options to unlock the web interface of the snom phones? We are using the latest version of the Vodia pbx.
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