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  1. Hello, The error message is that the "00000000000.cfg is missing and "mac-address.cfg" is missing. What does this mean? That Vodia does not generate the .cfg files? I had the same with a Polycom spip 450. Also i have tried both tcp/udp and i have made the changes you suggested with the screenshot.
  2. Hello again, I have tried Polycom SPIP320 with firmware version 3.2.x and Soundstation IP 5000 with firmware version 4.0.x. I am getting the same error on both devices.
  3. Hello again, Thank you for your prompt reply. I am trying to provision the phones manually,for Polycom i am getting the message 00000000000.cfg is missing and "mac-address.cfg" is missing,i manually uploaded these files with no success.
  4. Hello again, The issue persists despite of using newer Polycom models (vvx,soundstation ip 5000), Polycom devices can not be provisioned. Vodia PBX firmware is 61.1. What else am i supposed to do? At the moment,only snom phones are provisioned,Polycom and Grandstream are not.
  5. Hello, I am trying to provision a Polycom spip320 to the latest version of Vodia PBX.Capturing the device a noticed that Polycom requests same files from the PBX (find attached). Well,where can i manually add these files to the PBX?In which folder? I tried to add them in "genereted" folder with no success. Any ideas?
  6. Hello again, Thank you for your prompt reply! I can not find user address book,i have synced 2 contacts from my gmail but i can see them only at my snom phone,they are not displayed when i sign in as user. Also,logging in as a user i can only see extension's presence and there is no option for adding/deleting contacts. Could you please share a screenshot for these
  7. Hello all, well,i am using the latest version of vodia PBX and my question is if this version supports personal address book. I can use the global address book and provision this to all registered users,but how can i add a contact to a specific user without using his device? Thank you in advance.
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