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  1. Already tried and it doesn't work
  2. Hi, Version 62 and 65. I checked https://api.vodia.com , but I developed everything in PHP. I am missing the type to put in the command ($vodiaObj->domainAction("localhost", array("type"=>"trunks" ) instead of trunks.
  3. Hello, I am looking to delete entries from the address book via the PHP API. There must be an error in the example given on "https://doc.vodia.com/vodia_php_rest_api". The sample command " $vodiaObj->domainAction("localhost", array("type" => "trunks", "action" => "delete_selected", "selected" => "45")); " does not delete a contact. This command is also used to remove a trunk. I think there is an error in the help page. What type should be specified in the order to delete an entry from the address book? Thank you
  4. What is "param1"? and "whatever"? Thanks
  5. Hello, I want to integrate an if function in the yealink provisioning file according to the extension number. ex: if the extension is equal to 210, then I include this parameter. I tried for example {if_account 210} "parameter to integrate" {fi_account} and it does not work. An idea? thank you.
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