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  1. Hello, Im having some troubles with cell phone integrations in Vodia (running Version: 63.0.1). When the cellphone 316XXXXXXXX calls the own extension 3188XXXXXXX the PVA should be provided but this is not the case in my system. I checked the trunk, Dialplan, Camp offer, Voicemail and extension settings but I cant find the cause. I also checked the logs when the cellphone calls the extension see below: Attendant: +316XXXXXXXX is calling its own extension 401@ABC.DEF.GHI. Provide PVA Did anyone have the same problem? And fixed it? Hope someone could help me. Best regards, Michael.
  2. Extension 422 is a mobile only user all incoming calls are offered at the cell phone which is working. I checked whether the offer camp on option was enabled and this was not. I enabled this and made a new test but unfortunately the result is the same.
  3. BTW the current Vodia version is: Software-Version: 62.0 (Debian64) Build Date:Nov 9 2018 16:37:00 License Status Vodia PBX Enterprise 4 License Duration: Active subscription Additional license information: Calls: 0/4, Alerts: 0/0, Adhoc Recording, CSTA, UHLL support, CRM support, WebRTC support, Barge, Listen, Whisper, Trunk Accounting, Prepaid, Automatic Recording, Fax2Email
  4. Hello, Im new with the Vodia PBX but I cant seem to get the Cellphone integration to work. When I place an inbound call from my cellphone to the AA (35800340422), the call is redirected to the corresponding Extension (422). But after that the call is disconnect with the message: [3] 12:27:02.886 APP: Busy: Not accepting this call. In the attachment you will find a complete log of the test call Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, Michael Brugge Testcall Vodia.txt
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