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  1. it is on public IP, we had http attack, with long string, and slowing down our server, i was looking to limited http access, isee there is a feature to limit TCP connection, but someone said there is way to script in to embedded web-server built in to the PBX, (using Stack programming to execute)how can be done. i mean how we can access to embedded web_server to limit HTTP access.
  2. Hi All, How can we access embedded web server on Vodia PBX? Thank you
  3. What can we do to make it work with FreshBooks, currently our accounting in on FreshBooks and its not possible for us to move to Stripe. Meanwhile can you provide us trail beta license so we can test it. Thank you
  4. Hi all, I want some help regarding billing module. I'm trying to integrate Freshbooks API using the documentation provided by Vodia. But some how when I test the configuration there is no message on Vodia and no invoice on my Freshbooks as well. I've tested the setup with both Classic version of API and oAuth as well. On oAuth the url provided in Vodia Documentation to get approval never takes me to my freshbooks and it never gets Authenticated. Please help.
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