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  1. I'm trying to set up a Vodia IOP to replace a 3CX system. I am having issues in getting the device to register with Flowroute. I have confirmed all SIP information, including the username and the password, is correct. I have reached out to Flowroute on the issue and they have stated that their side is showing an error 401 - Unauthorized, but are unable to find out why this is happening. They stated that the tech prefix (username) is correct and that the password appears to be connecting through correctly. They recommended I reach out to Vodia for support, but I know the ticket process can sometimes take a while, so I'm posting here in the hopes that someone can provide some guidance. Our previous 3CX PBX registered to Flowroute without any issues before, so I have no idea why this is not registering. Thanks
  2. The devices are in the same LAN. I was able to sort out the configuration information and have a Yealink phone connect to the IOP by configuring the phone directly.
  3. I'm currently going through the initial set up of a Vodia IOP. We have Yealink T48G phones, and the instructions state that the phones should show up in the device list in the IOP web interface. No devices are listed. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm fine with the issue, if they don't appear, as long as I know the information that would be needed to configure the phones manually but the set up guide does not provide any of that information. Thanks
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