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  1. Hi, yes. I figured out why the 3CX address was showing up Once I removed it from the internet, i factory reset and had the appropriate Grandstream address in the Config Server Path However, again, It's not responding to provision. I did also upgrade to 62.1, rebooted, and verified in the status page I put the extension in open it for MAC based provisions Selected the phone from within the extension, saved, but it doesn't provison The phone just sits there, not registered in Vodia, I've manually rebooted and nothing Additionally, I hooked up a snom 320 and that provisioned immediately following the directions I also tried a Cisco SPA508G, factory reset. upgraded to latest firmware, and that's not provisioning either Same as the grandstream, just doesn't respond, even though I'm able to see it in the phone list
  2. Hello, Just got Vodia iop and am working to set it up. Using the built in license. Created domain, extensions, and was able to bind the phone's mac to an extension. I opened the account for MAC based provisioning, rebooted the phone, factory reset the phone, and it will not provision. No buttons light up and the phone says not configured. I also tried changing the provision url, because whenever I factory reset, it goes to a 3CX url. I can't remember if that's normal or if it's because it was used for 3cx I updated the firmware on the phone to the latest Version IOP is on Version: 61.1 I followed directions here: https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_prerequisite_steps https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_grandstream
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