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  1. Hello... Is there any one out there that has been using this system for a while and is willing to help us learn it? Vodia's documentation is really not all that helpful and I got an email from them saying they didn't have time to do one-off training. They wanted me to fly cross country to attend one of their classes. I don't think the expense is worth it. If you know the system well and are willing to assist. Please reach out. We are based in the USA and would appreciate assistance from another USA Vendor. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Unfortunately, that did not work. I see the mac addresses on the system but the buttons are not clickable. I can't make it cross country for the training. Is there any one to one online training available? I have got to be missing something and with no one at Vodia available in support, I am totally out of the ballpark here
  3. Hello Everyone. Please forgive such a "newbie" inquiry, but I have only been using the PBX Software since the middle of March. Hamlet at Vodia did about 98% of the setup for me and did it so fast that I could not keep up while he was doing the work. When I started, I had a Yealink T46S which Hamlet made work in what seemed like a minute. So, I recently get the T48S from Yealink and hesitantly following emailed instructions from support, just changed the Mac Address which in theory should have just swapped phones. THIS DID NOT WORK! So now both of the phones that I have here are ess
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