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  1. IOP does not respect contact & connect headers in device's INVITE.

    remote phone is connected via site-to-site IPSec VPN. The SIP settings are set to:

    SIP replace

    IP route is set to

    The remote phone is and the contact & connect headers tell the IOP to use the private IP of the phone, but the IOP responds back and tells the remote phone to use the public IP of 71.78.XX.XX and not the private IP of The subnet mask used in the replace should encompass the 10.10.30.X range, but it seems to not.

    I have two VPNs set, with 3 different subnets seen at the IOP: local remote remote

    Running a 63.0.4 release.


    Do I need to have a separate entry for each VPN'ed LAN to use the local IP of the IOP?

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