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  1. Is there a way to find a list of all the phones registered on the system? With mulitple sites I need to break out the phones by site for billing purposes. Thank you.
  2. After the PBX was upgraded he does not have the provisioning instructions or config files and xml files any longer. Do you have a synopsis of what needs to be in these files and I can see if I can make it work, please.
  3. I believe you spoke to one of my end users. I will check in with him to see if he has made the suggested settings changes.
  4. Trying to auto provision some SNOM D120s. We are having some issues provisioning the phones where they will not register. Is there any more documentation than what is found here: https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_snom
  5. I can understand how you misunderstood my comment, however as we are deploying a Vodia phone system, not sure why we would be looking to deploy the Yealink phones to a system we are moving from. I suppose there was a leap to expect that when I mentioned we are deploying the Vodia phone system that when we were deploying Yealinks that it would be on the phone system we are deploying (Vodia) and not on a phone system that we are moving the customer from ..... Anyway, the answer to your question is no, we have not deployed Yealink phones on their old phone system.
  6. I did not test the Yealinks on that system. And I'm not going to. You asked what we were trying to do, I've explained it in the forum, talked about it on the phone and showed the video. Can't be done by Vodia? Fine. Can be done by Vodia, great.
  7. We're using the Yealinks with the Vodia solution, not on the old system.
  8. I can ask for that, yes, though I can tell you I have seen this on Yealink phones using 3CX. And I have of course seen it on Cisco phone systems. So this is not a foreign concept.
  9. They were using Mitel 5320, 5330e and 5360 . We are deploying Yealink T27G and T46S. Customer also thinks that every phone is registered as a hot desk, unassigned phone and each one has to be signed in to. Perhaps this is a way to get around the issue? However, can we force an extension to only be logged in to one phone?
  10. Based on our phone call earlier today I chatted with the customer and their current system. This is what they sent back to me
  11. Sorry, no. I don't dictate that. That is by the client CIO and nope, sorry, it is not a win win. They see this as a problem that we are not giving them as feature rich a solution as what they are coming from. Sorry, that is how the CUSTOMER sees it.
  12. OK, so two things. 1. That is great, we have been looking for when the new app base was going to be released. Is this on the Windows platform as well? (the interface before was antiquate and crazy) 2. These are state contracts where they are mandated to have certain things onsite. And when audits happen, those things need to be there. Like a desk phone with the preprogrammed numbers to various services. So while I love that a new client exists, it doesn't solve this problem for my client. Any other options?
  13. Well, it is a social welfare agency with social workers who travel to sites to visit clients, And it is a low paid position and their turn over is 15-20 people a month. oh, and their client's destroy things, like phones, so we built in a replacement of 5 phones a month. So to answer your question, often. This is my first installation of Vodia and I believe I am going to have to eat the 128 seat Enterprise license and move them over to 3CX, where I know all of the things that I need to do are possible. It is a shame because I thought Vodia might be a good fit for my client base.
  14. Right, but it has to be managed (phones die, people leave, etc) and it sounds like a management nightmare.
  15. So if I understand you if I have 150+ users that may move around. So I would have to put 150 MAC addresses on 150 users to make this work? Clearly all 150 won't go to every 150 seats, but from a management perspective that seems like a real bear.
  16. That sounds like it is what I am looking for. Is the documentation on that somewhere?
  17. Right, but the "typical" situation that I am describing here is different than the typical that you present. What I am reading is that on a 400+ person phone system with 17 locations where over 50% of the people travel to each of the sites or sit at a desk for second or third shift, I would need to put 200+ phones as dummy extensions and have the users hot desk to each of these phones. Which seems crazy. The Vodia system binds the MAC address of the phone to an extension and I get that. But it lacks the flexibility of a mobile workforce where desks are chosen based on arrival time
  18. OK, so let me ask this a different way. Is there any way to have it so that when someone comes in and hot desks to a phone that is assigned to an extension that that extension does not ring? Meaning if User A's extension is assigned to a phone and User B comes in and hot desks to that phone, User A's extension does not ring on the phone?
  19. Hello, We are now using Yealink phones and using hot desking which works fine. However the customer now would like when someone sits down at a phone that is provisioned for user A, to then log out User A and login User B. The issue is that when they hot desk the phoen calls still come in to the phone for User A while User B is sitting there and they do not want this to happen. This is doable on 3CX by logging the phone out and then logging the phone back in as the second user. The second user can then logout at the end of the day and the following day User A can log back in.
  20. OK, then can I ask this.... Can we set up things like Phone type and template to use and extension to attach voicemails as email using the CSV?
  21. OK. I tried to upload a 143 Kb wav file, an MP3 file and all at a couple of different rates. When I go to upload it, the box around the file goes red. I tried it in stereo and mono and at 11025Hz and at other sample rates. Does it need to be named in a certain format?
  22. Hello, How can I upload and set to use a default auto attendant greeting? I see a location to name which default greeting to use, but no place to upload it or set it to be used.
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