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  1. I can bulk import passwords on accounts that already exist, though? Just trying to see how best to reset without having to do them by hand.
  2. Is there a way to choose a couple of extensions at a time and force a SIP and Web password reset? I need to have the information emailed out to the end users on extensions and I don't see a way to force a group password reset for multiple accounts. Actually, the only way I see to reset either the SIP or Web password is to go into each extension and reset it manually. Is there a way to generate those after the extension is already created?
  3. OK. So we now have the label change on the Grandstream phones when the line is hot desked. What we see, though is that after the hot desk option is entered, the phone reboots and when it comes up, it has the name of the user who is hot desking to the phone. (This takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds) After the phone's hot desk is removed, the Grandstream GXP2140 reboots (about 40 seconds after removing the hot desk user). On reboot, the name on the label is the name of the person who hot desked to it last. Then, after about 15 seconds, the name returns to the name originally set up. (in this case, "General Extension 1") (total time is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds) Thank you, for the hot desk change. Any idea why the GXP 2140 has to reboot after the hot desk extension change? Thank you.
  4. OK. So what are my options, aside from switching out 350 phones to Yealinks? Is there any way to show the extension logged in on the phone, even if it is not on the private line button? Thank you.
  5. OK, but isn't that what is shown in the video that was done on July 9th? That the name changes as hot desking information is used? So what am I not getting or is it something that is not working properly and needs to be programmed?
  6. I am sorry, I am not sure I know what you are asking. I set the line to use extension 9998. And It shows "General Extension 1" on the phone. It is set that way so that it can be used without someone logging on the phone as this phone (and several others) will be in an area where workers will come from other offices and hot desk in to make calls as their extension. However, when a visiting worker is not there, the phone needs to be able to dial out as a general number. As per the video in this thread, I had thought that when someone hot desks in, the extension would change from "General Extension 1" to "User A" or whatever their name is. I auto provisioned the phone, and when the phone got it's information, it populated the "Account Name" to "General Extension 1".
  7. Ok, so what is the latest firmware for the GXP21xx phones that is non-issue causing? Thanks.
  8. Yes, used that link. Confirmed that the PBX updated to 63.0.3. Rebooted several phones. Still the same.
  9. They were automatically provisioned. And yes, that is how we did it for Yealink phones and the settings come down. Grandstream... nope.
  10. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to download the phonebook to the GXP2140 and GXP2160. On the Yealink T46S the phone directory comes down no problem. Clearly there is something I am missing. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. OK, updated, tired on both Grandstream and Yeaklink, both not showing change. Will update come out Monday? Thank you.
  12. Any word if the SW update is still on track for end of the week to 63.0.3?
  13. OK, to what version on GXP 2140? Or update on Vodia PBX version?
  14. Hmmm. OK, I don't see that on the Grandstream GXP 2140. I can take a video and post it tomorrow. (away from office right now)
  15. Sorry, not clear what you mean "It actually did update the display". On the phones we have (Grandstream GXP2140s) the display on the phone screen is still showing the general extension that we provision on the phone. Meaning the HotDesk1 phone has extension 9999 provisioned to it and when someone goes and hotdesks there, the HotDesk1 phone still shows account 9999 on the phone display. Am I missing something?
  16. I'm happy to auto provision the phones - I would prefer to do it that way, actually. If I do it that way, how can I get this other thing to change? Thanks.
  17. Sorry, perhaps I did not explain myself properly. The called ID presented works fine. When dialing from phone that the extension is set up to hot desk on the external ANI should up fine. And it shows up fine on internal calls. What I am trying to figure out his how to change the display on the actual VoIP phone. Basically, the person sitting at the hot desked phone wants to see their extension listed on the phone that they are logged in to. Does that make more sense?
  18. I am setting up a bunch of generic extensions to be used at desks where people will come in to hot desk. We worked with Vodia support and got the hot desk feature working with Grandstream 2140s. The question I have now is, when User A goes to HotDesk1 phone and sits down and does *70 + their extension + PIN, their phone is now ringing on HotDesk1 phone. Works great. However, the extension showing on the Grandstream phone is still "HotDesk1" rather than "Users A". The customer would like to have "User A" displayed when that user logs into the HotDesk1 phone. Any way to make this happen? Would that be a setting on the Vodia PBX or the Grandstream phone? Thank you.
  19. When I set up my GXP2140 phones, I am using MAC based provisioning on Vodia PBX and the phones provision fine. However, after they get their configuration, when I try to go into the web page of the phone to try and review settings, the account password is incorrect. I set the phone up with the default admin/admin info. Needed to change the password, which I did. logged out and back in to confirm password worked. It did, so I set to provision the phone using Mac based improvising. Phone provisioned and then I cannot get back into the web front end to the phone with either old or new password. I was hoping someone would know if there is a location to set the web front end password for the phone either on the PBX or through some setting I am missing. Thank you.
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