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  1. Hi @Support We're looking for the same thing - We want the ActionURL to be triggered as soon as a caller hits the IVR and then hangup after the message is played. The purpose is to allow users to break out of a Agent Group and then land on a IVR Node to trigger a call back event via an ActionURL to an external CRM system. At the moment we can only get the ActionURL to trigger once the message finishes and does not account for the user hanging up mid way through the message and the ActionURL isn't triggered.
  2. Hi @Vodia PBX Unfortunately the suggestion only effects new calls and not calls already queued. Is there a way to apply this for calls already in the queue and waiting?
  3. Hi, We're wanting exactly this. We're using version 63.0.0 and still not working. Any way to get this function working? First call allows for an ext outside the group to pickup the call however if there is an active call in the agent group talking to an agent the subsequent calls do not flash on the external ext and if the button is pressed they become part of the queue listening to the hold music.
  4. I have updated the ticket I already had where they said post on the forum... Ticket# 484930
  5. @support No - We checked the TAPI via Debug and nothing showed up. I was hoping to get a log from the PBX to see what it does when a call is made from the handset and the pbx is rejecting the calls as "Busy" I made a video of it to demo the issue if I could send it somewhere for review? Is there a log of just the TAPI/TSP? Software-Version: 63.0 (CentOS64) Build Date: Apr 18 2019 16:50:33
  6. Hi, We recently activated the TAPI integration with ConnectWise Manage for our support desk however we quickly found an issue that led us to having to disable it straight away, ISSUE: With TAPI enabled and ConnectWise open we can make calls from the desk phones however afterwe trigger a call from ConnectWise and then try make a call from the desk phone all iInbound and Outbound calls to/from that extension show Busy as soon as the call starts to ring. If we then try to trigger a call from ConnectWise the call works fine. If we close ConnectWise then the desk phone works straight away no issues. If we open ConnectWise again it remains working until we trigger a call from ConnectWise. I've mentioned ConnectWise alot however we are also talking to them to see if there are any issues they could assist with at the same time.
  7. Od because it installed just fine.. We will open a ticket now and provide reference to this topic.
  8. Hi, We have updated to 63.0.4 and this still has not fixed the issue. Snom D735: PBX Version: PBX Extension: Phone Screen: We would like to work with a developer to test this in a real environment rather than following the bouncing balls for months. Because we also noticed other things are now broken like the Screen transparency which was fixed in the last version and the User Portal has switched back to the old version...
  9. Good Morning, We will test 63.0.4 tomorrow and report back. In regards to the certificate we do use "ACME" across all our PBX however this certificate error only appears when we populate the extensions photo. If we remove the photo or try an extension without an existing photo the phone does not get this error.
  10. Hi, We have upgraded to 63.0.3 on our development pbx and this is still faulty. The phone is provided with an certificate error:
  11. Hi, We have contacted SNOM support and they have said that this option can be set like the D785 however the XML does not contain the URL: <user_pic idx="1" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="2" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="3" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="4" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="5" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="6" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="7" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="8" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="9" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="10" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="11" perm=""></user_pic><user_pic idx="12" perm=""></user_pic> Are you able to advise where these files are stored on the PBX and how are they referenced so we can manually adjust the provisioning XML and see if the phone provisions correctly?
  12. In addition to DTASIA above we have found via debugging the "imager.js" is missing therefore the image upload in 63.1 cannot be completed.
  13. In addition the Snom D735 also shows an SSL error even thought all other communication between the phone and pbx is with LetsEncrypt SSL.
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