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  1. A busy signal. Inbound calls don't work as well. I was starting to think it is the dial plan, but I am not sure. I am a North America user. Here is the text view of the dial plan I currently have. 1;Twilio;;^([0-9]{10})@.*;"sip:\1@\r;user=phone";;false 2;Twilio;;^([0-9]{11})@.*;"sip:\1@\r;user=phone";;false 3;Twilio;;[911|411];1*;;false
  2. I have tried all of this and still no luck. Not sure what else to do.
  3. Yes, however, I am unsure what to put for the Outbound Proxy Address, Domain, Trunk ANI, User name or password. I have tried several parameters in these fields that would make sense but nothing seems to work. I am looking for an example configuration that would point me in the right direction.
  4. Hello, I have noticed documentation on the forum for setting up Twilio SIP Trunks with Vodia. However, the screenshots that were linked to the OPs Dropbox account have expired and are not available for reference. Does anyone have example documentation for setting up Vodia on a Twilio SIP trunk? This would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you, Travis T.
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