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  1. Hi. In reality, either way... Specially for when lots off enabled IP attackers are leaved as enabled for the time been.. Thank You
  2. Hi. This is a feature request maybe. It is possible to have near the two Buttons [Delete] [Reload] add functionality for [ BLOCK ] or [ UNBLOCK ] after selecting the IPs from the list? What would i like to achieve? -To easily just block or unblock selected ones. Just Right there.. Its an idea.. after checking and managing things on. Thank You -M
  3. I also mean, im having this kind of attacks and many other combination of it now : <sip:a'or'3=3--@localhost> <sip:00148223071956@localhost> But i have an IVR not allowing to go directly to a far end extension to make someone getting crazy there. Extensions are behind another remote PBX, im using Pattern and CallerId Pattern together to make the webrtc call be responded unless it comes directly from the webpage. (i presumed), so i wont exhaust the remote PBX available lines limitation. Will this functionality would keep going if i use a domain name other than localhost one? Thank You
  4. Thank You Sup! One more question: By having a domain name instead of the localhost, will i be avoiding this kind of attacks from passing forward vodia and at the same time WEBRTC keep working still? Thank You
  5. Done it! Thank You, it was a bad ' " ' locations.... i will need to see if a script could be created or so Thank You! -M
  6. Hi I have opened remote public server firewall port 42000 for both TCP and UDP, and make Vodia to listen to port 42000 as well. Redirected the DID to Conference to set MOH source, and this is set. Dont know what to place in moderator user/pass or is it something that it also needs to be sent from VLC Im trying this without luck: vlc http://icecast2server/audio.mp3(or .aac) --loop --norm-max-level=5 --sout='#transcode{acodec=ulaw,samplerate=8000,channels=1,ab=16}:rtp{dst="x.x.x.x",port-audio=42000}' Hope this helps -M
  7. Thank You for the information. Im planning to setup Vodias at customers sides. instead of appliances from GS, i will begin using Vodias-PBX (small appliance) soon. But in this particular case, where i dont really using Vodia locally, instead im using it as a SSwitch, i would like to include a way to call and listen to audio feed stream.. I will try that up, keep you posted. Thank You Very Much. PS: Oh is it a way to make that code to run as a service somehow? like converting it to an .exe and then added to the windows svcs? -M
  8. Hi Morning... This is a really VERY USEFUL INFORMATION TIP Would be possible to use it also, as sending a call to specific extension, IVR or conference to use it as live streaming via phone? Thank You guys! Really!
  9. Thank You Both! Yes, you were correct, testing and testing, it ended up using (UTC-04:00) Georgetown, La Paz, Manaus, San Juan And now, things seen accordingly ! Great! Thank You! -M
  10. I managed to try everything safe i could. But still Vodia showing wrong time (1 hour ahead) I even setted up with NTP server: pr.pool.ntp.org + port 123. Windows update and sync time fine. But still no luck showing any different time under Call Logs in Vodia GUI. Will erasing the whole calls history fix this? Thank You -M
  11. I found out that blanking the NTP Port and clicking outside, it brings on the NTP server field. I wrote there time.windows.com from ntp.vodia.com, but it seems that it will require to restart the VodiaPBX Server, since several other Item field got a green arrow at the side.. -M
  12. I am not using phones.. im using the GUI to check this out, Looking at the Inbound/outbound calls that are listed on Vodia Status+Call Logs or Vodia Status+Call Logs Show wrong time of the call event. Phones behind the far-end PBX are working normally with correct time locally. (There is no physical phones connected to Vodia) The problem is the listing on GUI.
  13. Just did. Still no changes. 123 TCP opened in FW.
  14. Huh! funny, somehow and suddenly, NTP server section, appeared from no where after i try entering and deleting some data in that field of NTP Port Now, its gone again, but i saw ntp.vodia.com there.. but again, it got hidden.
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