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  1. HI again, Sadly after trying all kind of combinations (as we can think of), we are still unable to send receive a call originated from a 3CX Extension with a CID set, and that CID is not showing or reflecting into the far end CellPhone, when is registered and passing thorough VodiaPBX. This has only worked, if we manually feed VodiaPBX extension+ANI with the CID that the far end extension have at the other side. But of coarse, this will require much more configuration at VodiaPBX to achieve this. Will be possible for you, to send us or show us a couple of PrintScreens with the Trunk and Extension Configurations, so we can apply it to this situation? Thank You -M
  2. Hi Is this is what you are referring to? From/To Headers Change names in To/From-headers: Usually it is okay if the system changes the names in the To/From headers in the SIP packets. For example, this makes sense when the address book matches the caller-ID and the system should present the address book entry. However, if the system is used as a SIP device in an operator environment, you may want to make sure that the system does not change headers. In such cases, this setting should be set to No. That i should use NO ????? Thank You -M
  3. Hi. Any example(s) you my show so i can follow and test it over? Thank You M
  4. Great! is this is something i should do? or is it something like a feature request? Honestly, no idea howto, if is the case i need to do so Thank You
  5. Hi ! That solution above, after reviewing it, will be adding much more efforts to what we are looking for. We are trying to make it as simpler as possible. This bellow: Additional Notes for 63.0.4 Transfer Caller-ID: When there were multiple devices ringing in an attended transfer, the caller-ID was not updated on all devices if the B-party completed the transfer before any of the parties picked the call up. Additional Trunk ANI options. We have added more options for the Trunk ANI, so that the ANI of an extension calling a cell phone can be displayed. This abobe: will it means that perhaps what we are trying to achieve, might be possible? Scenario: Registering a 3CXPBX Trunk/Gateway/etc. to the VODIAPBX Extension and passing the Output CallerID been sent from 3CXPBX to the final Cell/Phone Number, without loosing that 3CXPBX output CallerID ? We need this really bad. But without using Trunk/Trunk Thank You again.
  6. Oh okay! great, will wait until new one comes alone.. already running with patch version #63.0.4 -M
  7. Awesome! will check it up! Any idea when does the Additional Notes for 63.0.5 or Additional Notes for 63.0.x will be available ? Thank you !
  8. Hi, just reporting that when pressing over : /reg_dns.htm (DNS Cache) help circle, it just open an duplicate same url on new window(s) each time you press it. -M
  9. Awesome! Emails sent to Sales. Thank You!
  10. Thank you, sorry. i meant. Will this also be shown under same login/password account i currently hold ? Thanks -M
  11. Thank You, will this show up in same account panel as other license? -M
  12. I already have Host My Own License, several months ago.. Just need another activation code as free/trial to enable another server for test, without disrupting my current official lic. (hosted my own too) Thank You
  13. Hi My current account only allows me to change current IP or Name, it doesnt show a NEW or Create a New License. Only this options are showing: Change name to Change IP address to
  14. Yes i did scroll to the bottom and hit accept..
  15. Hi. Do i supposed to use the same lic. i use for our current working vodia server?
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