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  1. Okay! What i did, was, To change the password in both: external remote extension and vodia general SIP & WEB passwords. The Flag went away. Thanks
  2. Thank you, The HTTP password ? i still dont understand, all the other extensions (remotely) are configured and connected the same way as this one in particular, the only difference is that this one is using another provider with a multi-ISP rounter ( MicroTik ) and seems to be happening with this only ISP from there. I checked and compared every section of the extension configuration with the others and all are configured identically, except for various items, like: extension number, SIP Password, and Lines, all the rest are identically. All the extensions are coming remotely,
  3. Hi! long time There is again, a /\ Triangle and then an HTTP and the issues with the far en customer. What is the meaning or the cause of the /!\ HTTP to appears? But only when a specific provider is use. This not happening with all the other providers. Hope this helsp! Thank You
  4. Thank you for the replay. IT would be really helpfull to have it too, since some of us are offering calling via the webbutton without nothing to install. Hopefully you guys can achive this as well ! Thank You -M
  5. Hi ! Any latest or teasers for the webRTC run by the browser(s) under iOS ? Thank You
  6. Hi ! i was also struggling with this. Please count me in too i really need this to work from iOS. I tried about 6 browsers, and none of them worked .., it would be awesome this could get achieve it asap. ! Best wishes Thank You! -M
  7. Hi! Oh! thank you! i been looking all around and i missed that was just right there Thanks again !! -M
  8. Awesome! that did it! Thank You !! One more thing, is there anywhere i can define or allow/not allow, what the domain administrator is able to see or do? Thank You -M
  9. Hi ! I been trying to log in, but without luck. I have created the domain name + password (IP left blanked) But when trying to login via web, it always says password not match. Any help, greatly appreciated. -M
  10. Thank You, I was going crazy, since i was using the codes listed at the bottom of the conference page, but now that you comment about, im more re leave . Will wait for Thank You
  11. Hi ! I been asked if there is a way from a non moderated room, known its quantity connected by example: *0 -- Sending the participants list Or login somehow just with access to view its connections alone? If this possible? Also, how can i send just the audio that tells YOUR number, in the conference, and perhaps the tone too??, all that without the whole Conference announcement? If this possible? Also, how can i use this Codes? so far not reacting as i press them, do i need to use Moderator for this? and without needing to announce the
  12. oh ! great! i could be restart sent from the GUI,. Ok, not much or nothing to to worry then Thank You !
  13. Hi, I dont know if an error happened. The system is running.. I just saw this msg and dont know what is related to.
  14. Hi ! Today i found this msg in the Administrator system level logs: any ideas? [0] 0:01:02.964 Could not append PDU because no connection reference availableⓘ
  15. Hi Mal, Regardless that i havent use the APP for any of the platforms, YET, i cannot be the best of assistance in this matter, YET However, can you verify, if the Vodia APP, have the necessary permissions or allowances to use the internet? Since you say, there is not audio comm in any direction, i presume you do have either access to it, or you might be using it on a intranet perhaps? Another thing, have you tried a STUN or enabling NAT regardless ? Are you using vodia as the PBX? (i know you said, that is working under android) Can you try that? If not reso
  16. Hi. Im sure i post this last week, but i cannot find it. Or i though i did The thing is that after that, or seems so, perhaps there where a chrome or any other update, but the WEBRTC has stopped from working. There is an error popup window that comes up saying "media error" I have tried today, and its backonline. I will be monitoring it, and keep you post it. Thank You -M
  17. Okay, i will try to assimilated this and come out with the best approach that is suitable, under current circumstances then... If any question, i will post it. Thank You.. -Musarano
  18. Thank You for the information. Current main server is in a datacenter in miami the second one im planing to activated in Atlanta or so, but it is the same company (cloud) that manage the different (cloud) points geographically. There will be 2 (two) different Public IPs, the one now, and the next to be activated. This means that i will need to point the hostname that points to the current public server IP to? How does the external extensions and external PBXs will know, where hostname or public IP is going to register to? That why i mentioned a dynamic DNS before.. I
  19. Thank You for the TIP, im now more comfortable. PS: Im seen my own public IP instead of the, but i believe it is about the same.. (Y)
  20. Hi ! Im in the need to create and pair a second PBX server setup to act as the failover vodia have in the docs. But im not sure how to achieve this up. Current settings are: 1 windows server with vodia setup 1 public/static IP address 1 SSL pointing to the only current IP, for WEBRTC calls. 2 Domains inside vodia I would like to install and setup both servers to achive the redundancy or failover thake over, or switching. Can you help and tip in howto step by step, since im currently runing this on a public/internet environment for hosting?
  21. Humm interesting... Because myserver and myserverIP were the same, does this means someone was trying to loging from withing the server? I check the windows logs and didnt find a login in to windows,.. but some attacks,... I will keep an eye on this. And appreciated your help! -Musarano.
  22. Hi, This morning, there were no phone service.. i went to the logs and found this: Where there was a hostname it only showed the servers IP instead. Then i restarted the whole windows server, everything got back to normal. Any ideas? Thank You Login History 1 Date User URL Address 3/6/2020 9:25:28 PM admin https://myserver/ myserverIP 3/6/2020 10:58:11 AM admin https://myserver/ myserverIP 3/6/2020 8:41:33 AM admin https://myserver/ myserverIP 3/6/2020 1:10:15 PM admin http
  23. I had forgotten to take the time to gratitude you. Im sorry to taking sooo long.. Thank You
  24. Ok, i understand... Hopefully this can be added as a feature request then It would be nice to allow or block blocks belonging to an ISP I have set the /8 as you also suggested too. Thank You Very much for your help ! -M
  25. Hi ! Is it anyway i can possible add this other than the dropdown selection options:? (block) Currently, V PBX is marking it as NaN or not allowed it. Any change to add like a 255.128..... etc or somehow add this way of it? Thank You
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