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  1. Hi,

    unfortunately the hunt group solution does not work in that case, as the acd can only register one number for an user.

    and, depending on the workflow inside of the acd, the intercom needs to be activated or not.

    we solved temporarily by our pbx provider, who das an call mapping based on the calling number, that was possible because the acd workflow allows to use seperate outgoing lines / numbers configured in workflow.

    another option inside of pbx would be to to an call redirection based on the calling number, but that feature also does not exist in the moment ...


  2. hi,


    thanks for that ideas, but ...

    the  called number is always the same, this cnt be changed at acd because the acd needs to know if a phone is busy in a call or not.

    otherwise we could also assign a second sip account to the phone and assign a ringtone to that number (thats the way we are doing now)

     only the calling number changes, depending on which task in acd is in use (outbound / inbound /blending)

    your thoughts of privacy implications should not harm vodia, as the auto-answer feature is in the phone and can already be configured,

    means this will not become a vodia-feature.

    in general, seperating ringtones based on addressbook entrys i think its a nice feature, like boss call recognition etc ..

    your ideas about conflicting with hunt group ringtone could be solved by an "hunt dialtone overrides" checkbutton



  3. its a little bit more complicated ...


    some acd calls are outbound initiated, some inbound. there is a callmanger, that manages the functions of the acd.

    on the vodia pbx side, all calls are incomming, even if a user initates an outbound call (software makes acd call, then acd forwards call to pbx)

    the acd always calls the same phone number for an pbx user, only the calling number differs.

    the only difference between the type of calls is signaled by the calling number. this must be a regular number, so * is not valid.

    is there a chance to get the dialtone as an option to the vodia addressbook - within the next 3 month - as an enhancement ? just use the same pulldown that is avail at the client definition in the addressbook.

    every cheap smartphone can define an rintone at the user addressbook - why not vodia ?

    our pbx provider uses vodia, all other options on that are great, but only that function is missing.



  4. we have an external acd sulution running, phones are polycom vvx411, connected to vodia. external acd takes care about the workflow in callcenter and calls the pbx phones if defined

    if acd calls  the call should be auto-answered by the polycoms.

    this is possible by defining a special behaviour on ringtones.


    auto-answer works fine  if i define a configured ringtone in pulldown, but then auto-answer is globally on.


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