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  1. There's no way we can make it work and we have tried at least 5 different clients. You only get "audio in" or "audio out".
  2. Windows. Since we are in the "Windows Apps" section, I thought it was an unnecessary information.
  3. Vodia Phone. See enlarged screenshot. I've already dobule/triple checked this.. but I'll do it one more time. Any way I'm quite sure permissions are ok.
  4. Hi, I'm using release 66 with last Vodia Phone App (3.0.0). I've a problem with the audio. I'm using an USB headset (regularly working with other apps) and only the MIC is working with Vodia. I've checked all OS authorizations for the app, and tested the audio from the app (see attached image). As you can see, there's audio input but not audio output. Any hint? Thank you in advance.
  5. Sure, I'll try and let you know. Thank you.
  6. Let's say I want to insert an address book record only related to a company. In this case I won't specify first and last name. As administrator, the address book is searchable also for company name, but from the user portal and from the app you can only search using first and last name. Furthermore the app only displays the first and last name, showing an empty contact.
  7. Not a normal scenario, I know, but I will report it anyway. During our tests we had a user (402) with both web portal and vodia phone opened. Another extension (404) called it and we had an endless loop of calls generated until we terminated the original call.
  8. Sorry, but I should extend the issue to other parts of the user interface as you can see from the attached image. I can confirm it is related to Italian localization. Also, if you login using Italian, then logout and login again choosing English, the problem persists.
  9. Just did a fresh install of v1.2.3 on a new PC and I'm suffering the same problem. Other soft phones, and messaging apps are working without problems.
  10. Just updated Vodia Phone to v1.2.3. Now the address book search is working, but the form for adding a contact only shows empty labels.
  11. Hi, I'm trying Vodia Phone under Windows and the microphone isn't working (headset is working). - Privacy settings for the app (store and desktop) are enabled. - Microphone access is enabled for the apps. What else can I verify? I'm running 65.0 (Debian64) - Vodia PBX Pro Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello everyone. Is there anyone with a working trunk setup for the Italian Tiscali VoIP provider? I've tried to make it work without success. General config parameters in the attached image. Thank you in advance.
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